Value in the Valueless

When society finds itself focused on the circus and not on bettering itself, the society is doomed to collapse or the people are soon to be enslaved by those who have the power. That time is now.

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Finding value in the valueless and the valueless in the valuable is a modern day phenomenon that I don’t quite understand why so many buy into. I like candy bars but don’t see them as great nutrition and I like film and TV but don’t view either as a substitute for reading. 

Globally, there are only a few things that warrant the title of value: food, clothing, shelter, love, sex, health, entertainment, air, water, literacy and reading, education, and peace. Each one of these things should be worth more to each individual than any amount of gold or diamonds. Those are just shiny rocks.

So why is it that we seem to value the wrong things? We’ve been taught and conditioned to. Period. We are to value the valueless as though it matters instead of what it all represents, a distraction. A distraction from the things that matter now and that will matter in the future.

Who wins the Superbowl or when the next Marvel movie comes out or who becomes president does not matter? Going to watch football players play football is fun. Who wins does not matter and those who believe it does have the rug pulled over their eyes. We are fans of the same sport.  

As do those who buy into and support fandom. Entertainment is a need but who the entertainer is does not matter. We need respite from the difficulties of life. That is it. Whether that is a bonfire on the beach, an opera or a movie is irrelevant. They are of equal value. Yes, we can patronize performers because they offer a unique experience but as per value, all they offer is a way for us to access a better version of ourselves. Anytime engrossed in pleasurable activity offers this. Meditation, bonfires, camping, a good meal or skiing in fresh powder. We may have a preference but all deliver the same value and result.

Politics is the most confusing one to me. The fact that there are citizens who want to fight over who gets elected is silly since the purpose of having elected officials is for them to do what is best and good for the majority of the people regardless of party affiliation. Instead, we are stuck in Red vs Blue and incremental change if any. It is a ridiculous spot to be in. There is no value in either side since neither side seems capable of doing their  job which is to run a government that meets the needs of the majority of the people. Not to run a government that meets the needs of the rich while selling the idea that the majority will achieve wealth in time. It is a lie.

But here we are. Living in a nation without socialized medicine, free higher education and six dollar bread. For those who are succeeding, it is a beautiful playground. For those who are not, a sad place to die. 

I’ve said it before. Until we start seeing each other as being on the same team despite our differences, those with power will continue to exploit our idiocracy feeding us dopamine in its various forms so that we never unite and they increase their power, wealth and stranglehold on our freedoms. 


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