Basketball for One

silhouette photo of portable basketball

Would you be interested in watching a basketball game with only one team playing? No. Then why accept a government that is leading us down that road.

silhouette photo of portable basketball
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Anyone who has read a few of my blogs I think understands that I am on a search for a solution.  That I am not someone who believes he has the answer.  It’s why over the course of my lifetime and the year creating Observations From the Spectrum, I change and contradict myself sometimes.  I am okay with that.  Life is change.  It’s happening right now to all of us.  The scale is the only thing that differs.

I like sports.  I am and always have been an athlete of sorts from lacrosse to x-country to surfing to cycling. I like to go.  So when I am thinking, I sometimes try to see things through the lens of sport.  Politics and America certainly can be.

Every election cycle, the game to end all games.  The rivalry of the century.  Never will there be another championship like the one we are now in the middle of.  It’s hogwash.  It’s a lie and a fallacy.  It’s simply capitalist marketing jargon being applied to American politics and government.  

The Us vs Them makes our brains feel safe.  That’s for sure.  We have been hard-wired to think like this whether it is the Democrats vs the Republicans, Coors vs Bud, Marlboro vs Camel, Gay vs Straight, Christian vs Jew which in 2000 shifted to Muslim or Black vs White.  

It is the lens that many wear automatically without thinking.  It’s any system in which the foundation is I am right and therefore you are wrong.  See if it applies to you.  Where it does, I bet the foundation was built off.  

Now, back to the title, Basketball for One.  What do I mena?  It’s simple, but you have to apply one lens, the world is a basketball arena and the election is the championship game.  Let me introduce the players and their real life equivalents first.

  • NBA – Wall Street
  • Team Owners – Billionaires
  • Fans – Foreigners watching from afar
  • Players – All American Citizens
  • Sponsors – Successful American Corporations  – Amazon, Google, Tesla
  • Vendors – Business people who own franchises like McDs and BK

Anyone catch on to the glitch yet?  It’s simple.  Those who make money and do well within the American system do not want change.  Why? Profits would shrink and the wealth would be more fairly distributed.

So the NBA and Team Owners spend a lot of their capital on making sure Americans are hard-wired to think Us vs Them is the only way for survival.  It is wrong. It is the only way for their survival, and since they have little or no interest in my survival, I have little or no interest in theirs.

We are not opposing fan bases supporting our superstar centers in the game to end all games.  We are the players on the basketball court.  We are all dressed the same in red, white and blue, and our team name is clearly writing across our chests.  We are the American Citizens. There is only one hoop and one team playing and we are neither winning nor losing. We are staying the same.  We are not coming to together to create the change that is needed.  The fans can see and they are getting bored watching.  Why?  Because who wants to see a scoreless game of Basketball for One?  The novelty has worn off.


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