Observations from the Spectrum & Horizon Coaching

An autistic adult’s third point of view about world problems with solutions offered and some funny stories along the way.

Life unfold as it should. Rarely how we imagine.

Dylan Netter

Many times I find myself thinking I am the only one who thinks like me. It is not true yet my echo chamber is not well inhabited. I get this. My ideas are my own. I write with the HOPE that my work resonates with some and creates a ripple effect of change.

Marine and the Hippie 220627 S02E18- A Bandaid for the Hemmorhage The Marine and the Hippie

In this dialogue, we talk about the refusal of decisionmakers to adequately address the problems that are facing our society.  While our society bleeds out, the politicians choose to offer policies that do not even address the problem, and are built in a way that are guaranteed to fail in our political process.  But the goal is not to actually solve any problems, we find, but to make it look like they are paying attention and care about the people.  What it really amounts to is that society is more or less bleeding out, and all our political leaders are doing are offering bandaids.  This of course will lead instead to a complete loss of our society if something is not done Contact us at marineandhippie@gmail.com and @marine_hippie at Twitter. See our Website at marinehippie.com Also check out Dylan's blog at observationsfromthespectrum.org Also check out @supernova_earth (Doc) and @geziandme (Dylan) on Twitter Show Credits "The Marine"- Doc Stodden "The Hippie"- Dylan Netter Show Direction and Web- Dylan Netter Show Production- Doc Stodden Musical Elements used in this show (No samples cleared) Mozart- "The Turkish March" (segment) Stone Temple Pilots- "Adhesive" (segment) The Dandy Worhals- "Not if you were the Last Junkie on Earth" (segment) George Thoroughgood and the Destroyers- "Bad to the Bone" (segment) #podcast #politics #endtheduopoly #education #truth #criticalthinking #philosophy #ideas #problems #solutions #together #democrats #greenparty #republican #love #change #UBI #GND #M4A #political #incompetence
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