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Life unfold as it should. Rarely how we imagine.

Dylan Netter

Many times I find myself thinking I am the only one who thinks like me. It is not true yet my echo chamber is not well inhabited. I get this. My ideas are my own. I write with the HOPE that my work resonates with some and creates a ripple effect of change.

Marine and the Hippie 220613 S02E16- Guns Guns Guns! The Marine and the Hippie

In this dialogue, we the gun crisis in the US.  In the aftermath of the deadly school shooting in Uvalde Texas, as well as other mass shootings across the country, it is clear that there is a gun problem in the US.  The numbers suggest that the reason people claim they want to keep firearms, justifiable, legal intervention in protection of life and limb, constitute a tiny percentage of firearm deaths, while the vast majority of death caused by firearms is either homicide, suicide or negligence.  In place of the pell mell, laissez faire attitude that we have in the US toward firearms, and in opposition to the "ban all guns" attitude held by ignorant Americans, what we should do is regulate firearms like we do cars, and then train gun owners on safety and responsible ownership of firearms.  Only then can we get buy in from actual gun owners and help from them to pass legislation and policy that would increase safety in the US. Contact us at marineandhippie@gmail.com and @marine_hippie at Twitter. See our Website at marinehippie.com Also check out Dylan's blog at observationsfromthespectrum.org Also check out @supernova_earth (Doc) and @geziandme (Dylan) on Twitter Show Credits "The Marine"- Doc Stodden "The Hippie"- Dylan Netter Show Direction and Web- Dylan Netter Show Production- Doc Stodden Musical Elements used in this show (No samples cleared) Mozart- "The Turkish March" (segment) Mad Season- "I Don't Know Anything" (segment) David Bowie- "The Man who Sold the World" (segment) Stone Temple Pilots- "Adhesive" #podcast #politics #endtheduopoly #education #truth #criticalthinking #philosophy #ideas #problems #solutions #together #democrats #greenparty #republican #love #change #UBI #GND #M4A #gun #safety #regulation #gunownership
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