Observations from the Spectrum

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Life unfold as it should. Rarely how we imagine.

Dylan Netter

Many times I find myself thinking I am the only one who thinks like me. It is not true yet my echo chamber is not well inhabited. I get this. My ideas are my own. I write with the HOPE that my work resonates with some and creates a ripple effect of change.

Marine and the Hippie 220515 S02E13- Missing Standards The Marine and the Hippie

In this dialogue, we talk about standards, and how the lack of standards leads to the failure of Democrats to protect Roe v. Wade.  Voters are willing to let the government and the country to run on autopilot until the enemies of rights finally start succeeding in taking away rights.  The Republicans have been working and organizing and winning state houses, congressional elections and judgeships for 50 years, and the Democrats, whenever they have a chance, they fail to do anything to reverse the gains made by the Republicans.  The standards that Democratic voters have for their elected officials are so low that they'll accept anyone who isn't a republican, and some who are.  But this leads to the elimination of rights.  And now, the Democrats wonder why rights are being taken away.  This is a result of the failure of Democratic voters to hold their representatives accountable for their failure to legislate on behalf of the people. Contact us at marineandhippie@gmail.com and @marine_hippie at Twitter. See our Website at marinehippie.com Also check out Dylan's blog at observationsfromthespectrum.org Also check out @supernova_earth (Doc) and @geziandme (Dylan) on Twitter Show Credits "The Marine"- Doc Stodden "The Hippie"- Dylan Netter Show Direction and Web- Dylan Netter Show Production- Doc Stodden Musical Elements used in this show (No samples cleared) Mozart- "The Turkish March" (segment) Tina S- "Guitar Cover of Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata, 3rd Movement" (segment) Lily Allen- "The Fear" (segment) Flower Travelling Movement- "Hiroshima" (segment) White Stripes- "Ball and Biscuit" (segment) #podcast #politics #endtheduopoly #education #truth #criticalthinking #philosophy #ideas #problems #solutions #together #democrats #greenparty #republican #love #change #UBI #GND #M4A #revolution #standards #abortion #drmocrats #republicans #rights
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