America’s Gun Mental Healthcare Crisis

Politicians lie. That is their job. They lie so that they can placate those below them and do the bidding of those above them. If, for a minute, you think that there are not those enjoying American violence as entertainment then you need figure out how to look under the hood.

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America does not have a gun problem. America has a mental health problem that can be seen clearly in how we interact with sports, food, education, politics, religion, shopping, drugs and alcohol and yes, guns. How we respond to these topics tells a story and the story is simple. Those who are doing really really well, the elite and wealthy, are reaping the benefits of our disorders and enjoying the show.

The solution to almost all issues in America is simple. It’s one piece of legislation that all other nations have on the books for its citizens. Universal Healthcare. America is the only nation where care is prohibited by cost not access. Most Americans are more afraid of the bill they receive for treatment than the diagnosis. 

Many people get down. Me included. One of the primary reasons I have never owned and will never own a gun is self-preservation. Guns can be pointed both ways. At others and at self. The fact that America, again, is the only nation in the world with the exception of Afghanistan, where on the same day, someone can wake up with a desire to kill themselves or others and act on it. That is insane. 

Literally, it’s the definition of a mental disorder and not mental disorders do not need to be life threatening if treated yet time and time again, only in America, a fellow citizen wakes up and thinks today is the day. I am going to buy a gun and go on a killing spree. That’s not a gun problem. Not a regulatory issue that is allowing the sick to cross the line.

I am going to jump out of the gun issue for a minute. Education is one of the most regulated industries in AMerica. Teachers graduate with Bachelors and Masters degrees only to be told that they know very little and that their jobs will be monitored by the state by middle management to show that their teaching is proficient. It’s a shit show but there are objective measures that teachers need to reach or their jobs are on the line. Fair or not? It’s the law. It’s designed so students don’t fall through the cracks.

That same system should be applied to gun sellers. All gun sellers should be state certified with a basic degree in psychology so that they can be on the lookout for those who wake up and want to kill. I assume there are tells and certainly there are signs. If I am trained to see the signs of a future sociopath, child abuse, neglect and drug addiction, then a gun seller should be trained on the like.

But so many guns are sold under the table? It’s not regulatable. Homeschooling has become more and more popular. The students are still required to meet the same objective measures as those students who are in a physical classroom. Gun sellers should have the same requirements whether commercial or private. Period and then, should also be held accountable if the gun they sell is used within a certain time frame for a crime, call it three months.

What we do have to accept is that mental health disorders rarely appear overnight. So gun owners should be required to bring all their guns to a licensing and registering agency and be tested for the ability to use the gun and the proper mental stability needed to continue owning a tool designed to kill.

That goes against freedom, you say. Well, kind of but not really. Look around your kitchen, You have a bunch of appliances. Let’s use the toaster as an example. If your neighbor came home one day and they were excited about their toaster, you’d either care or not care. If your neighbor came home daily with a new toaster, there would probably be a number that you have preset in your head that would lead you to call social services because your neighbor is now crazy if they have 100+ toasters and are in need of help and intervention.

Same goes for guns. If your neighbor is a gun owner, it’s their thing. It’s fine. Most don’t kill others with their guns. Some hunt. Some target practice. But if your neighbors have thousands, then they are either a commercial venture or they have a mental health disorder that needs treatment.

America is a Judeo-Christian and/or Abrahamic nation which included Islam. Our society, whether you are a believer or not, is based on the seven deadly sins. Gluttony is one. Sloth is another. We support a government that uses sloth as their modus operandi to action and has created a system in which gluttony is the goal. Those combined have created the AMerica’s Mental Health Crisis.

America, as Eminem said, I love you, and because I love you, I want to help you to heal. Healing takes the help of others sometimes. It is not a solo journey. We have doctors and hospitals and faith and religions there to help. 

I’ll leave you with this, Rome wasn’t built in a day but the Colosseum was built in Rome so that the rich could watch the poor die as sport. In the world of the internet, places no longer have to be physical. The rich are still watching the poor die as a sport and unless the poor take action against the rich, they will continue to be players in the sport of killing. Universal Healthcare is the one measure that all Americans should demand. Not fight for. Stop working until provided because either way there will be casualties. That’s the very nature of change.


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