Life Coaching – My Philosophy

Horizon Coaching custom fits your gown or tuxedo of change to you. I do not believe in a cureall. I believe in tailoring tried and true to you.

The first step to a new you is action.

For ten years I was a middle school classroom teacher.  My philosophy is quite simple.  Get to know my students and build the course and curriculum around them so as to best suit their needs.  Learning should be like a tuxedo or gown, custom fit for the user and the experience.

That is my philosophy of Life Coaching too.  As your Life Coach I will spend the first session or two getting to know you so that I can research and develop a program to meet your needs.  And if I find that I am not the best LC for you, I will help steer you in the right direction.

But let me let you in on the master teacher secret.  We all learn from our students.  One of the aspects of teaching that bothered me as both a teacher and a student was the idea that the teacher was always right.  Socrates would disagree.  He believed learning happened through dialogue. It’s as simple as that.

Life Coaching is the same.  Most of my clients have started as friends or colleagues with whom a rapport developed and through that questions about teaching, diet, running, fitness, health and life developed over time.  

So basically think of me as your Hagelian LIfe Coach.  Hagel believed education and learning occurred when two different POVs worked together to find a middle ground or solution to any given problem.  The first step is identifying what pathways you would like to work on and go from there.

Through our communication I will better understand what you have done to work on these pathways thus far and change or tweak the pathways to better identify your goal so that you are willing to take the leap to chase down your dreams and have a basic understanding of how to get there.

There is no cure all for teaching and coaching.  If there was, life would be a lot simpler especially since the answer would be at our fingertips.  So if you are looking for guidance and a key or two to open some new doors, let’s get together and work towards achieving your dreams.

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