A Math's Book Cover

I have a limited understanding of math.  Past algebra and pre-calculus it gets very fuzzy, but up until that level, I have it down pat pretty much with the exception of buying things I want and how many cups of coffee I should drink daily.  That being said I am always a bit confused by other people’s inability to use math as a tool to connect the dots.  

The media do their job well.  Selling media. Getting us to log in, swipe and read and sometimes even respond.  It’s the normative mathematically derelict responses that I am concerned about. Here are three examples of responses in which the math just doesn’t add up.

Vegans complaining about meat contaminated food at big corporate restaurants.  First and foremost, if you think that these companies are creating vegan options for any other reason than profit, you are an idiot.  The fact that you have chosen a diet that leads to better health and a longer life is wonderful. Making that choice and still eating corporate made food is, well again, idiotic.  In a pinch, sure. But know that you are eating crap food with no nutritional value made in a plant that also makes meat products. 

Next, politics.  This will be short.  The math doesn’t add up. 28 years ago we voted for social change when we elected Clinton.  He did not deliver and neither has anyone else in politics since. Complain all you want but if you want change, vote out of office anyone who has been a politician since 1980.  Period. If not, enjoy the boring binary debates that lead us nowhere but along the gravy train of those with the money and the power.

Cell phones and cars.  What rackets? Has anyone gone shopping for a cell phone or car lately?  I literally cannot identify a difference. I walk into the store or lot and am supposed to be able to distinguish the difference.  So why anyone would pay more for a name is beyond be. This goes against the capitalist system of the better product winning. In these cases, it’s the better branding.  Today, we are taught to judge a book by its cover. Not delve any deeper.

At the end of the day I want to do more good than harm.  I care immensely for others and would just like to live in a world where more people are happy and pursuing their personal best version of themselves.  I don’t understand, especially with probability and the infinite choices numbers allow for, why we don’t embrace the idea of more choices instead of wanting everyone to be the same?  During World War II I thought we had been there and tried that and saw that the balance sheet was off by a lot.


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  1. I wish I could read and read and read again and again I don’t get enough of it, thanks for the great creativeness and use of words


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