The Homeless Patriot

As the homeless population growns in America, they need to be revered for who they represent, all of us. The homeless in a America, especially those who are healthy and able, represent what can only be defined as True American Patriots unwilling to be enslaved and only willing to renengage with society if the society is fair and equitable in return.

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Being homeless is not a disease. Wanting to be enslaved probably is. So is it that we see the homeless in America as a problem and not as what they are, true patriots of the flag not willing to be owned or controlled by those that use their power and wealth daily to buy the masses either through a false sense of patriotism, a valued skill set or through the manipulation of the altruist.

Think of the football or baseball star. Does anyone really think that the millions spent to hire these athletes means that they have the power? If you, check your premise. The owner class, aptly named, act out of their own best interests and the interest of their pockets. In other words, if an athlete is getting paid $100 million then the profit of the owner class on that athlete is ten fold of $1billion. 

It’s simple logic and the logic the ruling class has employed for milenia. It’s why the most successful athletes that seem to stick around, rarely cause a row. They are good slaves.

Fact is that money can buy us anything, including people. It’s reasonable especially since that is how a society is formed. Workers work. Employers employ. The balance sheet of the work is usually at the line between green and red while the employers are usually in the green especially those that succeed. Do they have more value as humans? No. Do they have more value as it pertains to the state of the community or economy? Yes. There is a need for leadership but their presence exists only to create a fairer society or one of might is right.

We are heading towards a dog eat dog world. Take the romantic notion of the Wild West. Gun fights daily at sunrise, high noon and sunset or whenever the fancy struck. Man vs Man with guns as the primary tool to problem solve. Those who like this idea, have not smelled or tasted war. No healthy person, globally, wants war on their front lawn. Dumb asses like the McCloskeys seem to think that a gun, or many, are a deterrent against a mob who wants what’s theirs. It is silly logic. Not every bullet will hit and the mob always out numbers the loaded ammo.

But here we are, in a nation that was built on the backs of slaves, sells freedom as the highest order and provides little to those, who otherwise, would proudly call themselves citizens.

Citizenship in any nation is a contract between the individual, the community and the laws that govern that community. Without fair laws, the community crumbles and all are left are individuals fighting it out amongst themselves.

Like it or not, a community has value and the citizen’s return is simple and a known quantity: medical, retirement, affordable food and free education. Without these things, fairness is lost and individuals who are disgruntled and angry are the only ones left standing.

Take schools. They exist through tax dollars but as we are finding out, teachers are leaving in droves. Why? Simple. Most value education and community but when the community does little to support them, they take their education and ability to other places as they should. Remember, dog eat dog means fuck the community and altruism be dammed.

So maybe we need to shift our mindsets and return to what is logical and historical. Functioning societies, communities, families, businesses, nations or any other large grouping survive by either being fair to the stockholders or by owning them. A homeless person who does not want to work and has their facilities is peacefully demonstrating their disdain towards an unfair system that wants to own the working class with little or nothing in return.

France, Spain, Thailand, New Zealand and many other nations strike as a society when the owner or laws become unfair and directly impact the individual’s ability to liberty and freedom within a society. They fight for fair pricing, decent wages, and a retirement system that will keep them healthy and living past their days of work.

Americans don’t do this. Why? The word citizen has been forgotten and we are taught and conditioned to see our nation through the lens of US vs Them defined every which way so that we do not see ourselves for what we are. Citizens of the same nation with laws and rules written daily to breakdown the foundations that we hold so dearly and to keep the wool over our eyes that many of those who struggle while working for a living wage are enslaved by those that rule us and that the homeless of healthy mind are in fact true citizens of America expressing their freedom as an individual to not be enslaved and owned by a master class.


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