AI Chatbot and the Printing Press

When things are too good to be true, it behooves us to try to uncover the why and connect the dots. AI Chatbot is too good to be true and will only help those with power to gain more.

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The year was 1450. Johannes Gutenburg had perfected his invention and it was ready for commercial use. His invention, of course, was the printing press. Until that day in history, reading was a luxury that most could not afford or actively participate in. Call it the golf or polo of the day.

On that day in history, unbeknownst to him, Gutenberg single handedly created the most powerful tool to take power from those who have it. Affordable and accessible books written in a common language.

Since those days, those in power have spent much of their resources to put the genie back in the bottle so that they can control the narrative and keep the masses dumb and satiated and fearful. AI Chatbot is the culmination of their efforts because most have already been grifted their ability to critically think. Purposeful manufactured educated ignorance. A thing of beauty for those in power and not even an afterthought for those who have been deceived.

In 1450, the common person was given the codes to decipher the game and therefore be an active participant in their lives and in the future. Those who read continue to succeed. Those who don’t, now, are giving up their power and in many ways access to a comfortable and successful future.

Every time a student sneaks a moment on Snapchat or Instagram while avoiding learning, those that have had power and continue to do get one step closer to putting the genie back in the bottle.

The purpose of learning to read and write is not to meet some stupid standard that the state has created. The state is the power. They know that if they convolute learning, the students least likely to succeed won’t and therefore will have a life controlled by the state or system. That’s a fact jack.

And yes, there will always be a select few who cheat their way through. But for every successful cheat, the majority are losers in the game of life because they have given up access to the codes of success and freedom and how to build a successful healthy society. I’ll give you a hint. Close to a trillion dollars being spent in the military does not equal a healthy society. It means that the society is about to fail from the outside and the inside.

Don’t believe me, then why did the military have to dumb down the test to be enlisted. That means that for a citizen of age to serve their nation, the basic entrance exam needed to be simplified because those entering couldn’t think well enough to pass.

School used to be about education and education simply was a dialogue between students and others to better themselves in any given trade. When schools became privatized, the powerful quickly separated their offspring from the common persons and started the sway back to an elitist owned society. Call it capitalist feudalism in which the rich and powerful have more human rights than the rest of us.

AI Chatbot, in a generation or two, will have been used to make sure that the rich are richer and that there is military buffer between us and them because like before 1450, they control the narrative, the story, the data, the companies like Google that AI will use to paint its picture for those who can’t.

Remember, for all those who cut corners, there are many that don’t and those that don’t have the power over time from those that do. If you want power, read between the lines and question everything. What is the purpose of an AI Chatbot? AI Chatbot is designed to do our work so that we have more time to spend money so that the government can collect more taxes.

I hope I am wrong.


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