A Letter from God

Dear Humanity,

Since Heaven expands with space and time we are noticing up here that there are huge expanses of space without any souls. It’s getting boring actually and those here are getting lonely. They have so many questions to ask but so few new souls to ask them of so I thought I would pen you a letter to remind you of a few things.

The ten commandments aside, I really just gave you one rule to help govern and direct you to heaven. Do unto others as you will have done to you. It was simplified in the modern era to be a good neighbor. Well, you are failing. And when I mean you, I mean all of you. Let me give you a hint. If you feel the need to lock your door, then you’ve missed how to apply the Golden Rule.

So let me explain in dumbed down 2022 English. Help your neighbors to succeed and be healthy enough so that they are doing well enough to see you as part of their family, tribe, group, gang, neighborhood, city, county, village, nation or building complex. It does not mean building walls or fences.

In other words, if you have a sick neighbor, help them get the tools they need to not be sick. Food, clothing, shelter, nicorette, soap, whatever. I didn’t think this needed so much explaining. To all the idiots with Mercedes that drive by the shoeless and don’t provide them shoes, none of you are here with me.

Now onto the big ten.

  1. I am God. There is only one. Period. If you don’t like my voice. Don’t follow me. But if you follow me, it’s not pick and choose so that you may feel good on Sabbath but steal your neighbors land on a Wednesday.
  2. It’s really amazing just how stupid most of humaity is with teh next one. How was this unclear? Don’t make false Idols. Number one TV show for ten years was American Idol. Does this take explaining? I am God. Don’t worship anyone or anything else. Celebritism goes against me. 
  3. The Brits really did a number on this one proving that they are not the chosen people. Truth is there are no chosen people. You are all one group but I can’t deny the Darwin of Language award to the British. They literally used and continue to use it daily in vain. Lords don’t make it to heaven suffice it to say. 
  4. Have you ever stopped in your tracks and been in awe of anything? A building. A piece of music. A mountain. Can you conceptualize how much work it took me to make or provide you the spark or tools to make these things? The universe is my Mona Lisa but the Alps ain’t that bad and neither are the Pyramids or the cellphone or the Eiffel Tower or the Mona Lisa. The idea behind this one is that you were supposed to rest a day from toil. Not finding reasons to toil more. Side gigs and hustles and your days off don’t get you through the pearly gates.
  5. I may have made an error here by putting this before number 6. Honor your mother and father meant to help your elders. Someday, you will be old too and in need of help. This means driving in a way in which the elderly can cross the street safely without harm. Help with bags. Help with cleaning. Help with just being nice to them and checking in. You might not love them yet but they sure as hell love you.
  6. Now, this one I thought there is no way humanity can misinterpret this one. A boy did you prove me wrong. It takes a collective work of stupid to prove me wrong and you do it daily and with great frequency. Thou shalt not kill means don’t kill each other. Period. There are no exceptions. But you pick and choose your verses to justify and enable your murder. Murder is murder, The eye for the eye was supposed to mean that we needed some sort of law to catch those who fell through the cracks of having neighbors to help them. There should be consequences but murder is a no no and only those who are sick kill. Period. 
  7. I struggled with this one but I thought it was self-evident. If you like sex, have at it but stop having at it with anyone other than your husband or wife or partner once you are married or united. Why you ask? Because jealous lovers are insane and they are sick and do harm to your family and are bad neighbors created by the adulterer. If you don’t want a family, have orgies and have them often. They look fun. But if you are a husband or wife, don’t start the fire that burns down your house.
  8. Another one that should be simple and seems not to be. Don’t steal. If it ain’t yours, it ain’t yours. However, there are so many crappy neighbors not understanding the umbrella rule which allows for some wiggle room for those who steal to survive. There is an infinite amount of wealth. No person should be stealing to survive if humanity follows the golden rule but since they don’t, I am lenient to those who do. The lesson here is if you find someone stealing, try to understand the why and then help them with the solution. Food, clothing, shelter, water being the only exceptions to the rule.  
  9. Again, not to sound like a skipping record but what about not lying couldn’t you figure out. Tools are an evolutionary process. All of them from the wheel to the car, the smoke signal to the cell phone and from grunts to a matured language. Again, one of my errors here. I didn’t think a man who was supposed to love and honor his wife if he chose to marry, would consider a piece of property after he saw the pain and suffering it took for her to bear his children. Men have evolved dumber than women. Point blank because one guy’s wife and mother of his children asked him to take out the garbage and he hit her. The neighbor heard and instead of getting this man help, like he should of; Golden Rule, he instead enabled this behavior and brought it into his own home. 
  10. The Golden Rule was supposed to catch this but humanity is pretty dumb so that is why I am intervening here yet again with a bit more of an aggressive tone and pretty clear nudge. This was meant so that if a neighbor was healthy enough to see that they were having sick thoughts, they would seek help. But you  refuse as a people to provide this help in abundance. Baffling really.

I am God. There is only one. I used this person as my vessel to get my voice out there in print for all to see. You have free will but not free access to heaven. It takes some work to get here but it’s not actually work. It’s simple, be nice. To bring it to the street: Don’t be a dick is the Golden Rule. All people make mistakes but some cross the line. You are not the judge or jury of man. You think you are but you are not.

Heaven is vast and yours as long as you are a good neighbor. That means being open to differences, change and helping others as the primary goal of man. Forever is a long time to be in agonizing pain. Most of your kinship are suffering today and will continue to do so forever.

Your choice,


Here are some hints:

  1. Love.
  2. LGBTQ are normal.
  3. Earth is close to what heaven is like. Stop destroying.
  4. Anyone who sells hate is leading you to hell. Not my problem. It’s yours.
  5. Learn to communicate despite your differences.
  6. Just because you are right doesn’t mean the other person is wrong.
  7. No elite have ever met me.
  8. No person who has harmed children has ever met me.
  9. No person who has harmed animals for pleasure has ever met me.

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