Guardians, Custodians and Neighbors

Earth is home and home is where the heart is and love is part of heaven making earth, if only for a tide or two, heaven in the now. I know that I can be wrong. Maybe we have all allowed the system to built on the wrong foundation and now give our access to heaven on earth to those who take it with pleasure.

The world would be as it is supposed to be if we viewed ourselves as the guardians and custodians of it. Not as its kings and queens. 

Not only did we create thinking, we created the system of ranking all things as either high or low on their hierarchical systems. You are either at the top or the bottom. The species that we admired, we put as close to us as we could and the species we didn’t relate to, we put on the bottom. God almost seemed to be an afterthought.

I remember sitting in Sunday school and being told that God made man in his image. These six words repeated over and over throughout my life programmed me to think a certain way. That God is at the top and man is one step away from God. What bullshit! Is my response in 2022.

Nothing in nature or time is rigid. Nothing. It all moves fluidly forward if you accept the construct of time. If you don’t, then it probably does something more similar to the tide. It ebbs and flows create a universe of high and lows. peaks and valleys and sunrises and sunsets. Cycles. Nothing less. Possibly something more.

Now, I am a man of devout faith. I believe in God and that God is ever present. However, I do not believe in the six words repeated to me over and over that God made man in his image. I think some trumpian or clintesk asshole interpreted that many years ago to create the system that puts man on top. It was the start of the big lie.

God does not do. Remember in middle school you learned about personification. It means to give human-like characteristics to nonhuman things like a talking rabbit or car. The definition includes God. We personify God as a means to understand it and therefore to label and in many ways, control it. We have no control or understanding of God. Faith is simply our relationship with it.

I am not the first person to suggest that earth is heaven and we are the custodians or guardians of it. But I believe it to be true. We are the ever powerful animal on top of the food chain. That is bacteria. It wins 100% of the time given enough time. 

So what are we? A species that was evolved to free thought and used that thought to define our roles incorrectly. We put ourselves on top and then have viewed everything else as a means to our joyous end. And those who have put themselves at the top of us, have no bounds. They are men(women) that make god in their image. The billionaire and celebrity class.

If what you are doing harms Mother Nature and dismisses Father Time, then you are doing more harm than good. We are here as guardians and custodians not users and consumers as the god class wants us to believe. 

If you would not scream into a baby’s ear, why have church bells and calls to prayer that are so loud they cause pain and anguish to babies of all species. If you would not take a shit in the middle of your living room, why would you unwrap a pack of cigarettes and toss the wrapper out the window. If you are willing to kill and eat a cow or chicken, why do you judge others who eat cats, dogs and humans? It’s all meat.

The lion is not the king of the jungle. We created language and the system that teaches us to believe that he is. The lion is just part of the ebb and flow of life. It doesn’t just kill indiscriminately. It eats to survive and does so by killing the weakest link. I don’t want to be a lion but if I did, I guess I would survive by killing the weakest link. Those with the most rigid minds. The ones that use faith to create a god in his or her image and then sell their wares to others as the path to heaven.

Heaven is here. We are not taking care of heaven. We should by valuing the guardians and custodians who want to do nothing more than protect all of it as equal and perfect as it was created by God over time and time is a construct created by man. 

Stop letting the bullies win because they are. The bullies are rabid and have no bounds. They believe that everything is here for their pleasure and their taking. It is not. Earth is our home. Protect it from all those that do it harm purposely or in the name of some entity that is undefinable. Be a neighbor that can live next door to another without building a fence.


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