The Death of the Library

We should learn a lesson from libraries, the place where we seperate fact from fiction. There is a line that demarks what is real and what is not. Without it, we all just become users of fancy believing that stories are real and real is a lie.

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Censor this. Cancel that. Joe Rogan, who cares? Neil Young is a has been. Alec Baldwin killed his director of photography. VBNMW. Trump 2024 baby. Covid deniers. Under the rug Pope sweepers. Ripping up evidence. Make America Great Again. Build Back Better. Global warming. Amazon oil spill. Unprecedented snow storm. Nadar wins. Djokvic sent home. Rihanna is pregnant. Chris Brown sued for rape. Jan 6, did it really happen? Was the halocaust even real?

Whether you are rockin the free world or stocking up on ivermectin, the modern day world is becoming harder and harder to navigate. I miss the library and the nightly news. As a reader or watcher, I knew where I stood between the pillars of fact and fiction. Stories to your right. Non-fiction to your left. Primetime TV will immediately follow the nightly news with your choice of broadcaster all providing the same news.

Then there was a seismic shift in how the media was run. It became no longer about facts vs fiction but ratings vs ratings. All of it is now the same like sugary foods. They all taste slightly different and have different shapes but at each sit, they are all designed for you to not just eat one.

The 24hr media cycle killed the news. It destroyed facts because no longer were we tuning in for facts, we were tuning in to get our next fix. Our next shot of dopamine or sugar or whatever. We have turned into what media companies want us to be, junkies. If you are in need of a fix, you care little about the purity of the product. You just want to get high.

How genres have been born to satiate our cravings from sports entertainment like MMA and WWE and Reality TV and Talk Shows which seem real but all are nothing more than manufactured media designed to elicit our next fix.

And if you think Dana White, Vince McMahon, Stephen Colbert, Jon Stewart, Oprah, Jeff Bezos,Ted Turner and more, don’t understand this then you have brain rot. And guess what, it is not their fault that they sell media crack. It is our fault for buying it.

“That’s crazy talk.” you say.

“No, it’s the truth.”

Netflix is the perfect example. Sitcoms are stand alone products. They are designed and designed well to get the viewer to binge watch or crave their next fix. WWE is a soap opera. Nothing more or less just with an athletic twist. MMA is just the modern day coliseum in which gladiators willingly duke it out to the death. Talk shows are where the left are told to get news by Jen Psaki, the White House press secretary. Why? Because then there is no accountability for facts or for the message that Noah, Colbert, Fallon and others will be asked to sell. It’s not real. The line between fact and fiction has been erased.

That is the problem. Like the first paragraph, some of the issues are real and need tending to but are drowned out by just how product is on the street skewing our view and our minds. We need to wake up as a people and demand the line to be reinstated and to end people using misinformation for personal or political gains. If not, accept the fairy tale world and continue living on crack row itching and craving your next media fix.


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