God is: Man is Dead

close up photography of concrete tombstones

Villains are those that take from others. The worst villains we call murderers or killers. When we connect this idea to time being relative, any person that steals part of OUR lives to do their bidding are villains. Plan accordingly.

close up photography of concrete tombstones
Photo by Mike on Pexels.com

Cartoon Villains and Superlatives always get me. What about you? I watch cartoons and wham, the villain does their deed and meets their maker. Man, if only the world was as simple.

But NO! “We don’t like simple,” said the species that invented tools. If our likes were simple, we wouldn’t need as many tools and therefore, wouldn’t buy as much crap and capitalism would fail and life would become simple once again.

“Are people this dumb? Thinking that the purpose of life is to acquire tools.”

“Shut up,” said me to me.

“I know I used to. I was an ardent follower of the mantra ‘the one with the most toys one.’ As I got older, I came to realize that this was stoopid logic. Next level from plain vanilla stupid.”

We survive life based on the tools we use, and we celebrate milestones of learning how to wield these tools. Oooh – I can use a toilet and wipe my own…and brush my teeth and use a fork and use words and numbers and the internet and dress myself appropriately depending on the weather.

But then wham! Make your bed, take out the garbage and the dreaded shovel the driveway.

“Why do I have to do your work?” asked the kid.

“I put a roof over your head, don’t I? And feed you, you ungrateful snot nosed whiner.”

“But – (ding, ding, ding logic kicks in) er um ah . . . so wait, you had me so that you could complain about feeding, clothing and sheltering me. I call bullshit on your parents’ ego and convention buying malarky!”

Many have kids to rear them into productive members of society that their parents have bought into. I prefer this path to the firecracker and animal kind of sociopath child, but at the end of the day, both sides are the same.

What are kids other than an extra set of hands to raise well enough to use those hands to pitch in and complete work. Macro or micro, the logic still holds.

And a good kid follows in some of the same footsteps as their parents. Same religion. Same business maybe. Certainly, same side of the poltiical spectrum and this creates a cyclical system which those who know how to wield it, profit well.

So as we get older we either accept our programming or tend to define ourselves against the only perceived alternative. Neither way has us thinking on our own.

If I don’t like the GOP way, then the DNC way is the route to go. If I don’t like Coke, I am going to drink Pepsi. Same coin really and the coin flips lead to nowhere fast. It’s not thinking. It’s defining yourself in opposition to the other based on the other not on true difference.

Don’t like it? Sorry, but that has been defined by minds much greater and more willing to call things as they are than mine. It’s not good think.

And why is this?

We live in the society of cartoon villains and the path of superlatives. It’s the best ever. And logic dictates that new is better, in many cases, except antiques, than old. That’s basic common sense otherwise known in the scientific world as evolution. 

Yeah. Sorry. Scary word for some. Evolution, I know. Apologies for throwing it out there without warning. But the alternative to ‘Superlative Thinking Evolution’ is ‘God Created Creationism,’ and in this timeline, numbers don’t exist or Math and probabilty would be used to answer many of life’s riddles. The idea that with big numbers, the probability of a fixed outcome is zero.

When Earth was the center of the Universe, it was logical to think we were the only sentient beings. But when we realized, we are just a spec of dust in the cosmos, to think we are the only sentient beings is being egotistical to say the least.

Zoom out. Nope. Keep zooming. From that star over there just past the Milky Way. What does Earth look like now? And what is its relationship to time?

For starters, Earth doesn’t exist from the star just past the Milky Way. It can’t be seen. We see other stars but not planets orbiting around those stars. Again, just a spec of dust. Name of my hit single if I ever become a famous musician.

We are nothing in comparison to the overall size of the universe. In fact, it may be proved that we are the equivalent to less than nothing which would be ironic to say the least. 

Which brings us to time. I worry about my teeth and cleaning by butt and taking prescription meds, but other than that, I let my body be. I don’t worry about individual cells just like God doesn’t worry about an individual spec on a cell in the middle of an infinitely sized something because God doesn’t worry. God doesn’t do. Only living things do. Doing is action. Action are verbs. Verbs are part of language. Language is a construct of man. When we give humanlike characteristics to no human entities like a god or dog or a tree, we call it personification which is creating a world in man’s image.

So we do, and we do lots of cool things. Thinking. Writing. Reading. Eating. Walking. Sleeping. Dreaming. You name it and there is a corresponding verb that we can use to describe our actions. It’s awesome.

So then I think about time. We only exist in the last 3 seconds of the history of Earth which means in comparison to the Universe, we barely blip. More like b. We don’t really exist.

Are you really worried about the 100,000 cells that have just died in your body while reading this? If you are, I am sorry. If you are now, sorry to add to your worries. If you don’t, I imagine that to be the God experience. God ain’t a puppeteer. God is. Read about it here. Some sort of creationism got us going but since, we are a cell within a cell of a cell dying and regenerating in the vastness of space and time. We don’t matter to either, we only matter to the now and to ourselves.

But in the now, we have little control. We are forced into boxes of our or others design for one purpose, to help those who are selling the boxes generate wealth. Oh, you thought it was for the greater good of man. Lie. Man doesn’t exist in the scheme of things.

It’s a pyramid scheme. All of it except when you are being your authentic you. A Selfish Pope calling childrenless selfish translates logically to the Catholic Church will eat itself without more followers. A politician selling Trump as being the biggest threat to Democracy and you translates to please donate when I ask for money. I am doing what is right for you.  A mayor forcing teachers into the classroom period, pandemic or not, translates to the private school families really don’t want to have to make lunch, clean the house and do laundry.

Think Nietzche and his famous quote, “God is Dead.” If we apply math and time, so are we. In the universe of universes we exist only for a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of a second. Does an iPhone matter? No. Does going to Mars matter? No. Does having kids matter? No. Does the now matter? Heck yeah. Do you matter? It’s your story. You are the main character, the Star on the Marquis, the protaganist and the hero. Of course you matter, you are not a leaf or a tree or a rock. You are a human so start behaving like one. Write your story.

The only thing that matters is survival, period to all living species including you. Your purpose is to live the best version of your life as possible, not letting many other entities or things define you or write or direct your story. Be the best version of you starting now. Live life without compromise. Compromise means putting yourself on the back burner or in a supporting role in your film. Don’t do it. Find what makes you tick and run with it, while hopefully going so fast to your best version of yourself that the boxes designed by others ignite as landing strips to your success.

Live Your Second! Man is Dead.


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