The Sheeple, the Herders and the Rabid Wolves

Wherever we look, we are sold the life of the wolf. We are taught to win at all costs and that how much wealth we have, dictates our value and happiness. It is a lie sold my the Rabid Wolves who are too dumb to see that without the Sheelpe, they will have no food.

I am a sheeple and a herder and a wolf. It just depends on the situation. I think many of us are like this. We prefer modest life with balance only relying on beast mode when needed.

But more often than not, society and the media are selling us that we need to be in beast mode more often. That Alphas are the ones strong in society and that the Betas are not valuable or needed. This is a lie. Point blank.

Think about carbs: bread, pasta and rice. Can you imagine Mike Tyson having to mill his wheat into flour to make bread or pasta or having the patience to cultivate a rice field? He couldn’t do it. He is a beast. An Alpha. A Monster. That’s okay. It’s Boxing. It’s the home of the Alpha.

When we hit the pond, we find the same animal in the surf. The Alpha. The Shark. The Agro Surfer. The Asshole. The person who gets angry at beginners for being beginners and verbally or physically assaults newbies for being new. It’s the equivalent of beating a child for pooping itself. Surfing is a hard sport. Takes time to be a proficient surfer like it takes time to become an adult.

Think about surfing. At its beginning, it was the perfect sport. Plenty of coastland and people having fun in a new way on the water. It’s why Endless Summer is iconic. It showed cool surfers being cool to those who didn’t know what surfing was around the world. The film and the culture celebrated being kind.

Gerry Lopez, the greatest surfer of all-time, was the culmination of this. He is a living legend because of what he could do on the board and how he lives his life out of the water. Today, surfing is an angry sport in an arena that should be one that celebrates life not contends for it.

And that’s where we have arrived. Society is developing down a path of homogeneity. One in which there is only one way to ensure survival. That is supposed to be what separates us from the animals.

I repeat my thesis. I am all three. A Sheeple. A Herder. A Wolf. All three are easy to define. A Sheeple is a follower and if they are smart Sheeple, they only follow herders. I am clearly a Sheeple. I choose to be especially in arenas that I can’t be a Herder or a Wolf. I am not a doctor so I look to doctors for advice about ailments and medicine. I am not a car mechanic so I look to mechanics for assistance on my car. 

Unfortunately, there are rabid Wolves among us. These are the Alphas who present themselves as masters of all. The know it alls and by thinking they knwo it all, they prove just how dumb and rabid they are becasue they are willign to attack the herder. Yet, the herder is the one that supplies the wolf the food.

And that is my point. Society is following too many rabid wolves and not enough herders. Herders are easy to identify. They are those who are masters in their fields of study and include parents, educators and doctors. Herders deal in fairness and facts. They are not the mystics. The mystics are wolves hiding in sheep’s clothing like politicians and preachers.

So be careful who you are following when you are in SHeeple mode. Be careful what you are teaching and who you are protecting in Herder mode. And use Wolf mode carefully. If it is used too often, balance is lost and there will be no Sheeple to provide. We need all for a healthy society in balance.


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