An OFTS Retrospect

I wish more were on the path of finding their purpose in life. Not someone else’s. This has been a challenge I have worked hard to overcome. My answer is to accept and love yourself as you are and be willing to change the parts that need an upgrade or fixing.

 When I first started blogging, my direction was not clear. I just knew I needed a forum to get my voice out there heard or not, just available. Now that OFTS has gained some steam and there is a following and some readers, I wanted to say thank you for reading, liking and sharing my work. Through technology it is amazing to see that I have a global readership.

Scrolling back over two years of content and 40+ years of ideas, I have keyed on my purpose. I am a student of humanity otherwise known as a philosopher. At times of grandeur, I have thought of myself as a leader and at times of self-immolation, nothing more than an atom floating in space. Like my writing, I think the answer is somewhere in the middle.

Thinkers are those that can see through the fog at what is there. When I was a teen, that was me. Someone who, in his writing, could speak to the voice of others. I am not sure if that is still the case but it is surely the aim. I don’t want to see more clearly. I want to help others to either agree or disagree with my views. I don’t need to be right. 

But looking back there are a few ideas that I think are valuable. Here are some and the gist if you are interested in reading more:

  • The Blindered Truth – When anyone communicates in an absolute, it ends the possibility of change yet change is evolution and without it, everything stays the same. 
  • Happy Gilmore vs Tony Stark – It is important to remember that the media at its core is a director of story not allowing the reader to create their own view. Plus I think this one is kinda funny.
  • A Lobster’s Death – This idea keeps coming up in conversation and my echo chamber. The idea that we are slowly accepting our fate like a lobster does when boiled in cold water.
  • Stockholm’s Butterfly – The idea that we have fallen for those who are doing us harm and are now the victims of an abusive relationship.

I understand that my writing is real and maybe a downer for some because of that. The O stands for observations and these are mine. I am not a sad man. I am happy and healthy and have a pretty okay being. But I am also an empath, so I observe the pain I see or feel in people by reading between the lines but not to add to the sadness of a person who wants change.

Idioms are built on truths. The old horse to the water one is like that and philosophy and thinking is that. It’s the water of change of answers of a mirror that reflects self. If you don’t like what you see, then you are dehydrated and need a drink. I get this.

I have been introduced to actions that I have walked away from knowing that they are good for me. I did this often in my youth. I do it less as an adult. I accept my life on my life’s terms. Rich or poor. Sick or healthy. Happy or sad. I see each moment as my choice to either move forward or not.

Moving forward means change. It always has. Change never comes easy. It is the process of living. When I am not changing, I am resting and gearing up for the next mountain to climb or an obstacle that is in my way of where I want to go.

Be yourself after you understand and uncover who you are based on you and not someone else’s interpretation. Like a book, life is better when it is well written and paints a clear picture. Assuming Context covers just this topic if you are interested in delving deeper.


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