Defining the Leech

Math and Physics are the building blocks of ALL. Numbers don’t lie. I assume there is a mathematical equation that clearly states how many of the poor and working class need to be united to actuate change. It will never happen if we continue to be devisive amongst ourselves while simultaneously supporting the Leeches of society.

One experience that was the nail in the coffin at my last employer was a meeting that I arrived early for. It was set to start at 3:30.  I walked at 3:20. Sat down. My boss arrived. We had a nice conversation. And then others started to arrive.

The meeting didn’t start until 3:45 and it began with my boss scolding everyone in the room. She literally said, “Since all of you arrived late and I was unable to start at 3:30, I am going to keep you another 15 minutes.”

In the moment I didn’t exist or matter and lost part of myself and the work ethic that I held dearly for close to 30 years. At that moment I decided I would no longer work for others on their terms unless. I was penalized for the actions of others or simply just disregarded.

That was not fair or just. I have a difficult time when things are not fair and just because I am a product of my education and my education taught me in my formidable years that it is good to be fair and just.

This is what we discuss a lot at It’s a podcast that Doc and I produce weekly and most of the time we are aligned. Some of the time we are not. Both of us agree that a fair and just world would be easier to navigate than the one we currently reside in.

How do we create a fair and just society when people like my old boss have the power? I think that is the big question and the big dilemma and where the money is being spent by people like her so that they don’t have to change and so that they can maintain their power.

But until WE change how WE interact with each other, a fair and just society will continue to sit on the shelf.

I am not naive enough to say let bygones be bygones, but I am smart enough to see that no matter what system or group of rulers rule, man will corrupt it. That was the purpose of the checks and balances within my government: The three branches: Executive, Legislative and Judicial.

The Executive branch is supposed to be a fair election process that elects that majorities candidate into the oval office.

The Legislative branch is designed so that there is debate on hot topic issues and that through diplomacy, actions are taken.

The Judicial branch I assume was designed as a non-partisan entity placing those who could rule fairly and justly based on written laws.

It made sense back in the day. Now, it is corrupted. I think few with a clear and open mind can look at the system of government, the state of affairs of society and the conditions of the globe and think it’s all fine and dandy. I think they choose to ignore it and that in time leads to either total control or chaos through violence.

And this is where I clearly see the bigger problem. With the internet and social media at hand, we have developed a rigid society even among the most “liberal.” A society in which many believe they are right and therefore those against them are wrong. There are many routes up a mountain. Yours is different is all.

But make no mistake about it, we are all headed up the mountain. The Practical Effects of Time Travel: A Memoir about this subject if you like science fiction. However, instead of working towards getting to the top of the mountain together, we fight for purchase along the way. That is the real world for all species.

What is supposed to, or at least I have been taught this and accept it as truth, separate us from the animal kingdom is that we can choose to help others if we want to but also to build a society that is fair and just.

Today, we don’t have a fair and just society and it seems to be moving further and further away for many. The takers are taking. That is their nature. The givers are giving. That is their nature. But the stop gaps or the dams have ceased to exist so that the takers can take all and when they do, the community, the nation or the globe will revert to being kingdoms with absolute rule and no input by the givers. That’s the endgame. That is where we are headed. The writing is on the wall.

So advice from the Hippie is to stop finding the flaws or the differences between you and others and focus on what’s the same. Most of the world population is in the same boat and at the same point on the mountain. Unity is the path. When you find yourself disagreeing with someone, don’t disregard them, find out why or accept that you are supporting those that are leading now and creating an unfair and unjust society by your inability to uncover the truth. In my experience, it’s usually somewhere in the middle when we are discussing topics that some believe to be absolute.


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