The Queen’s Monster

trees on a dark forest

I believe in God. I do not believe in God as it is defined by others. That is like watching a movie instead of reading the book. Reading a book needs the reader to be present and active. Watching a movie does not. It is someone else’s interpretation of the story.

trees on a dark forest
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Wealth is unlimited. It is an uncountable noun like grains of rice in a rice field. At first glance, it looks like a manageable task, but once begun, it is not. Wealth is just adding zeros to the positive side of the number line. It’s infinite.

The question today is whether or not we should limit someone’s wealth. I don’t want to try to answer this question because I do not have wealth. Most of those without wealth will say yes yet most with wealth will say no. It seems like an impossible argument to win since it is clear that those with wealth wield a heavier sword. They simply have more power because of their wealth.

We see this all over in nature. The alpha lion doesn’t care about the weak one and when it gets old, it is kicked out of the pride. But until then, it’s power is limitless as long as it beats any of its competitors like boxing. It’s a metaphor of Alpha Wealth. You win and remain champion until you are beaten.

There, however, is a conundrum. Not all of us are boxers and have a desire to be a boxer or are physically able to be a boxer. Can’t box without an able body. Can’t accumulate wealth without an able mind. And without both, your survival is not guaranteed.

But, eons ago, man created the answer for this problem or dichotomy. God. Some King or Prince way back when was laying in his bed with his Queen and asked how do you manage the kids? 

And she responded simply by saying, “With fairness, strictness and sometimes lies.”

“Explain further,” he asked.

“Well, we have seven children. Three girls and four boys. To be honest, the girls are easier to manage. Why? Because I teach them that all they ever need and will ever need lies within the walls of your kingdom. So they don’t question me as much when I tell them no. The boys, however, are different. They are taught early on to explore and that bravery is what they need to demonstrate. So it is harder to keep them within the walls of your kingdom. So I lied. I told the children that beyond the kingdom is a monster that hunts children, especially those of the king. Since that day, not one has snuck out of your kingdom. I lied.”

“Do you think this would work for my kingdom? Create a monster outside the walls to keep the people in check?”

“I don’t see why not. You would just need to make the consequences of the infractions of going over the wall harsh. Then they will listen. But you would have to apply the same rules and punishments to all including your own. Would you be willing to punish your own children for the greater control of your people? If you answer yes, the solution is simple”

And the first myth of God was formed. If you cross the kingdom’s threshold, a monster will kill you. Over time, this evolved into organized religion and entities in which the King could speak.

“I spoke to the monster and he said that if you harm your neighbor, he will be angry and attack the kingdom or ask me to handle the problem with a swift hand so the monster demands that you treat your neighbors like you want to be treated.” 

And the Golden Rule enters humanity. It’s a nice idea and worth examining but does not exist in nature. Nature is ruthless. It does not care about neighbors, it cares only about might.

So that begs the question is humanity a construct or are we a different type of species on planet Earth with a different type of purpose and/or endgame.

Depending how you answer this question will dictate how you feel about others. If you see the world through the lens of At All Cost Alphas then the world is there to be used, exploited and taken in order to increase your wealth and your pride.

But if you think humanity has more to offer than just being a run of the mill mammal or species on the planet, then it’s time to feed the hungry, shelter the homeless, heal the sick and educate the masses so that more can acquire enough wealth to survive.

Ask any teacher, “Are all kids the same?” The answer is no. Each of them has something unique to offer others. However, for some it is impossible to uncover this piece or to activate it and for others it is the Golden highway to success and wealth.

The world would be a lot easier if we stopped fighting the uphill battle of wealth distribution and valued, before wealth, making sure that our neighbors are fed and clothes. It will always bother me that some are in need of shoes and that others walk by the shoeless without even a second glance.

Some are Alphas. Some are stronger and smarter and luckier and more driven and skilled. But should anyone go without food and shoes? If yes is acceptable, then change is not needed. But if you answer no, then it is time to uncover and accept that some of what we have been taught and our foundation built on is a lie.


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