Why Not – A New Political Movement

question mark on chalk board

Every once in a while a shift in consciousness is needed or most of us will fall down. I think that time is upon us. Bipartisan politics is helping few, not many. But too many people have wool over their eyes or are unwilling to look past the blinders that have been set. Millions of your nighbors and fellow citizens are struggling. It is time to unite so that more can have at least a bite of the pie.

question mark on chalk board
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I think most Americans agree that something is amiss and this crosses all ethnicities, sexes and political affiliations. The American government is only meeting the needs of those who control it and those who have the money to influence it by lobbying. This means that those with money are paying for laws to be passed to maintain their power structure.

That is why there is such a need for a viable third party with a grassroots foundation and an attainable platform that will either help or do no harm to all American citizens. Why Not? Right.

Why Not is a new political movement to challenge the status quo and put the power back into the hands of the logical and those who believe in the goodness of man and accept that the Golden rule is one that we ought to follow. 

More often than not, the logical are pushed onto their back foot in arguments forced to prove a positive. The first priority of Why Not is to eliminate this type of argument, forcing others on the back foot. 

  • Why don’t you believe in Universal Healthcare? 
  • Why don’t you want to make amends to blacks who were kidnapped and sold as slaves to some of our forefathers? 
  • Why don’t you want an educated society? 
  • Why don’t you want assault weapon regulation?
  • Why don’t you want your neighbors to be able to feed themselves and meet their needs?
  • Why don’t you believe the church should be taxed? 
  • Why don’t you believe that billionaires should pay more tax than they do?

Politics should be about policy, period. Imagine going to a basketball game and having the players play shuffleboard instead. Or ordering a pizza and being given a hamburger. You would be livid and your lividness would be warranted. 

It is NUTS that we as American Citizens except a government that writes laws that do not do the common man good. We accept it as normative like a lobster in a cold water pot slowly boiled. We are accepting our fate which is a return to slavery and destitution.

The platform of Why Not is simple:

  • Universal Healthcare including mental, dental and vision
  • Public Universities will be tuition free
  • Universal basic income all citizens working or not
  • $20 an hour minimum wage
  • All workers receive 7 sick days, 10 vacation days and 12 weeks family leave paid
  • Government investment in infrastructure to create jobs including airports and roads
  • Government investment in renewable energies such as solar and wind
  • Tax carbon and methane emissions
  • Create a clear and simple pathway to citizenship for undocumneted persons in the US
  • Regulate the Visa system to be aligned with fair trade
  • Ally with other world leaders to create diplomatic solutions
  • Bring combat troops home where possible
  • Redirect portion of defense fund towards education and prison reform
  • Take care of Veterans
  • Tax the super rich
  • Implement and monitor a fair and equitable election system including campaign finance
  • Mandatory retirement age for all workers including government
  • Media news outlets must report unbiased facts or have license revoked
  • Universal Background checks for all gun sales
  • Salary cap of Govt workers in Feds at $200,000
  • Only money donated by voters can be used for campaigns with a cap of $10,000 per voter

Without change, we are doomed as a species. Time is ticking and we are allowing idiots to get in the way of those who want to save us. It is time to put our differences aside to unite for what would be considered the greater good or for our neighbors.

No one wants to live in squalor and no one wants to be a slave. The fact that we fight over the mundane and let more fellow citizens fall into squalor and slavery is a symptom of just how much power those who allow it, have.

Let’s end their reign and unite behind Why Not? Because at the end of the day, Why Not help?

  • The hungry
  • The sick
  • The homeless
  • The ignorant
  • The poor
  • And any other who fell through the cavernous cracks that our leaders have been allowed to carve.

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One response to “Why Not – A New Political Movement”

  1. Well done! Yes, we need a rethinking bottom to top.

    There is power over people, what we have now
    Power with people, more difficult but absolutely necessary
    if we want to have a viable planet, a responsive government,
    and a future for our children!


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