Math and Phsyics vs Adam and Eve

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Math and Physics are the building blocks of life. Maybe, they are actually Adam and Eve since without them, we would not exist. Unfortunately, since so many are unversed in the basics functions of Math and Physics, our existence may cease.

clear light bulb
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Math is everywhere and those who see it everywhere, view the world through a very different lens. I wish I saw it as clearly as some. I am grateful that I see it clearer than others.

We connect with math in our daily lives more than any other educational content area. It’s a bicycle. A recipe. Directions from A to B. A refrigerator. A table. Add a touch of physics and I think we would be hard pressed to find a subject that is at least not indirectly related in one way or another to both. 

Maybe we should start thinking of Math and Physics as Adam and Eve of life. Afterall, evolution is change which is directly and indirectly caused by the passage of time. Even the most staunch conservative zealots can’t escape the fact that evolution exists. 

“But Mr Writer, I am a creationist. God created the world in six days and rested on the seventh.” 

“That’s an opinion and I don’t need to touch it to argue that you accept evolution as a part of your life.”

“No, I do not. You are a heathen.”

“Yeah, maybe I am a heathen. It doesn’t change the fact that if you are reading this, you are reading it electronically on a device that has evolved in real-time in parallel with our understanding of Math and Physics.”

After all, we are no longer living in a wired or printed world. We are living in the era of 5G. Most of us work and recreate at least partly using the Web and access to information through wireless technology. The evolution of tech.

“But God gave us technology.”

“And the Universe is vast. Do you really think God is a puppet master to all? That’s an egoist point of view. God is. We do and some like you, try not to do. Instead, you prefer to be told how to live your life, with whom to live your life and accept someone else’s interpretation as to the meaning of your life. I don’t understand it but it seems to be a prevalent problem globally.”

“You are an asshole. I don’t like you. You hate God and God is good so you must be evil. You are an evil man.”

“And? At the end of the day or life, God can judge me but your opinion matters naught.”

Time applied equals change. There is only ever the now which immediately becomes the past, and we are always headed towards a new now that is unknown. This is change. This is evolution. 

Life is not a movie set or TV dinner. It’s not ready-made. It’s built through the choices we make plus the passage of time and we, the collective, are making some bad choices leading to a bummer of a future.

Math lesson. Take Covid. Do we want Covid to be a deciding factor of our future lives? If your answer is Yes, then keep on living and doing what you do. But if your answer is No, then you need to understand how Covid and infectious disease math and physics works. It’s not that hard.

An infectious disease is a sickness that is carried by one host to another. It is different from cancer or a broken bone or such. It means that if you are in public around other people, you are putting yourself at risk of contracting Covid.

What can you do to minimize this risk?

  1. Get Vaxxed – the vaccines may not be perfect but they seem to be preventing hospitalization and death for almost all
  2. Social distance – limit your interactions with potential carriers of Covid which at this moment in time is everyone
  3. Mask up – wear a mask when you are in places with other potential carriers which is everyone
  4. Wash hands regularly – assume that anything you touch has Covid on it. To get rid of it, keep yourself clean

“Yeah, yeah. Whatever. I’ll just go to the hospital when I get sick and be treated by doctors.”

“That statement suggests you don’t have a basic understanding of Math, Physics and the difference between a treatment and a vaccine.”

Treatment is what doctors give people when they are sick. For example, if someone breaks their arm, the bone is reset and the patient is either put in a cast or a sling until the bone heals while being prescribed pain killers. After the bone heals, the patient usually does some sort of physical therapy to fix and rebuild the muscles and tendons surrounding the bone. 

Treatment is not preventative. It fixes a problem. Vaccines are preventative. Think of a vaccine like the gas tank in your car. There is a spare gallon that gets used when you hit empty. It’s a preventative safety measure so that you don’t run out of gas.

But vaccines don’t prevent the spread of the disease, in this case Covid. The vaccine lessens the symptoms so that you don’t die or become an invalid.

“That doesn’t even make sense. You are dumb.”

“Maybe, but the math works. Let me explain, simply.”

Everyone, all 8 billion of us will eventually get Covid. That is not up for debate unless you are a hermit in which case you are not reading this. 

Everyone will get Covid one way or another. One way to get infected with Covid is to be. Just go out and live and see what happens. Eventually, you will catch Covid and either be asymptomatic, have a mild case or need urgent emergency care or die. It’s a path and a choice. However, be forewarned that just because you had a mild case once, doesn’t mean it will be mild again once the immunity wanes.

The other way to catch Covid is to have a healthcare practitioner infect you with it. The Vaccine. What the vaccine does is teach your body how to live with Covid. For some people, there are mild side effects but better than leaving your loved ones behind or being stuck to a machine. Vaccines are not about an individuals well-being but the well-being of a society as a whole.

“But vaccines aren’t natural and they have all sorts of chemicals in them.”

“I see your point. but so does the plastic water bottle you drink out of, the water in it and the air in traffic or a city and pretty much everywhere else around us. Like paper coffee cups and burgers and any food that is packaged. Seems like a weird point to argue since even the most health conscientious are slowly killing themselves by living. Weird to be adamantly against the one science is designed to prevent to help.”

“But what about all the breakthrough cases? See. That math is on my side.”

“Nope. It is not. Let me explain.”

We are seeing a huge surge in Covid cases because of a few scenarios playing themselves in real-time. 

One, the users are idiots. Vaccines work but not like you think. You get a jab and then go to the party thinking you are covered. It takes 2-3 weeks for your body to change to understand how to work Covid. Same goes for the second jab. So we will see in a few weeks that many of the “BREAKTHROUGH” cases are from the recently vaccinated who did not read the directions.

Secondly, Math. Let’s say the population is only 3000 people. 1000 are 65+. 1000 are 12-65. 1000 are under 12. If all 65+ are vaccinated, 50% of 12-65 are vaccinated and 0% of under 12 are vaccinated, how much of the population is vaccinated? 50% or half or 1500 people. It’s simple math.

Now take Efficacy. Think of efficacy as MPG or 5G internet. It’s a rate that determines how well the vaccine works.  Remember, all of us will get Covid either organically or through the vaccine.

Pfizer is at 92%. If that is a Math exam grade, you are excited but how does that work with Vaccines. Simply, it means this. Remember, in the above example of a population of 3000. We found out that only 1500 were vaccinated. Now, let’s connect it to efficacy.

If 1500 people are vaccinated, it means that 120 people are not vaccinated. Think of it as buying a lemon. Honda Civics are reliable cars but not all Honda Civics are reliable. 8 out of 100 people are not getting any help from the vaccine. The vaccine didn’t work making them susceptible to Covid either in a mild or harsh form.

“Well then the Vaccine is no good and we need to wait for a better one.”

“92% is pretty good considering evolution.”

Everything on the planet is designed to survive whether as a tree, a rock or a dog or a person or virus. And over time, change occurs. That’s the nature of time. Anyone who is anti-vax at this point doesn’t accept the basic foundation of Earth that over time, change will occur.

Anti-vaxxers are gamblers. They are betting that the virus will mellow out and become a non-issue as our bodies, collectively, learn how to fight it. Ironically, most of the people who think like this, rely heavily on Western medicine to heal them when they get sick. The rate of auto-immune disease is higher in Western society than Eastern or African. 

Why? In developing countries, life is not as clean. There are more bacteria and viruses floating around creating people that have stronger immune systems. It’s probably one of reasons why India doesn’t have as high of a death rate as America. Their immune systems have been evolving for milenia.  Western immune systems have been allowed to rest on their laurels because our modern medicine works so well.

“But we are America and we are strong.”

No one wins against David if you feel more comfortable with a religious point of view. Man is Goliath. We believe ourselves to be immune to many of the hardships that other animals have to survive. But we are not. Against a virus, bacteria or a cancer in time, we will lose. We have not found the fountain of youth. It is a unicorn.

Math and Physics are everywhere. There are also many who can’t see it or have a basic understanding of either. Search out those who do and ignore those who don’t. Many parent has said to many a teacher, “I’m not good at math and science so my kid doesn’t need to be either.” This problem is coming to a head in real-time in real-life and is helping to foster a society challenged with the basic understanding of how Math and Physics fits into their lives.


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