Mandatory Acts of Kindness

one black chess piece separated from red pawn chess pieces

Unless we want the world to be violent and to self-govern that violent world, we need to figure out how to move forward as a united society looking out for all citizens. If we do not, America will be a violent wasteland of dumb with guns vs. dumber with bigger guns yet smaller brains. We may like Reality TV and Thrillers but in real life, sunburns and backyard BBQs are what’s hip.

one black chess piece separated from red pawn chess pieces
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I have a friend who has a sick kid. If this kid does not get proper care, the child will die. My friend will do anything to ensure her child’s survival. That’s how mother nature works.

Even if we accept the narrative that Covid is nothing more than the flu and that those that die are weak and life is about the survival of the fittest, I ask you to reflect on paragraph one. My friend will do almost anything to ensure the survival of the child she bore and took on the responsibility to nurture and protect. In other words, if it came down to you or her child, she would gladly let you go.

That is the world in which we are building. Clearly, the rich already have this system in play. The big wigs have money, toys and staff at their disposal leaving us fighting over the table scraps like idiots. 

Your personal freedom does not outweigh the freedom of the community as much as you may want to believe it does. It doesn’t. The hardship that we are collectively facing is that our politicians use this against us.

We vote for those who make us feel good, not those that benefit our lives in the long-term. If we did, medical, dental and mental health care would be provided along with our citizenship and universal basic income or just money to ride out the storm would be deposited monthly into our accounts until Covid is appeased.

But here we are. Our grandkids’ grandkids’ grandkids will be on the hook for our debts today. Looking at the environment, we probably only have at most 150 years so the debt will never come to collection.

That being soad, the now seems pretty important just in case we do survive. Shouldn’t we create a fairer and juster society? I think so. We could start by demanding a return on our tax dollars. Free internet since now apps have a cost. And leaders who look out for our best interests and are not all that worried about re-election.

Unfortunately, this is a naive outlook and not going to happen. Instead, society, as a whole, will rapidly transform into a dog eat dog world where we all live with fear and take measures to alleviate it like carrying guns to use when we feel afraid.

I am not for big government but proportional government to the size of a population. Ours today is either too small or too big because nothing needed is getting done in godspeed for American citizens. Our leadership has decided on incremental changes since that is what we have accepted.

Laws are needed to govern a society or a society governs itself. Hangings, stonings and such. That’s a fact. Think about drunk driving. When there were less people and cars on the road, nobody cared. Before cars, there were horses that would carry their riders home.

But then pedestrians and other drivers started dying at an alarming rate and it was uncovered that their deaths were caused by drunk drivers. Laws were written. 

Now imagine being a parent who allows your child to ride a bicycle home from school everyday. On your way home you find yourself stuck in traffic. As you near the cause you see the blue bike of your child laying in the road.

You stop your car to offer help only to find that the man over there getting into the ambulance and driving off hit your child and she has been rushed to the emergency room.

You quickly sped off to the hospital only to find that your daughter cannot be admitted because there are no available beds and that the driver, who is now walking up behind you, was driving drunk and caused your daughters’ injury.  What would you do?

Being vaccinated is driving sober through society. Being unvaccinated is a drunk driver. Yeah, there’s a high likelihood that nothing will happen but in the fair chance that something does happen, wouldn’t you want a consequence for the drunk driver? 

Masks are a seatbelt or helmet. There to protect the user more than others. Vaccines are the stop signs and DUI laws. They help others feel safe in a society where all sorts of obstacles and challenges are in our way. And more importantly, vaccines help those affected by the disease not blame the individual.

I don’t want to live in a world without law and consequences. There are too many people who feel self-entitled and more that are borderline sociopaths willing to cross the line if need or want arises.

Society works when we put others’ needs in front of our own. Society is failing because we don’t. Unless we want a shoot first world, we need to figure some of this out. A vaccine for an infectious deadly disease seems to be a start and a step in the right direction.

But, as I say a bunch, I could be wrong or I could be right but I am not defining myself in opposition of anyone. I am trying to look at the whole picture, global mind you, and arrive at logical destinations.

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