Poor Sheep and the Rich Wolves


Sheep come in all shapes and sizes as do humans. Yet, we are trained to view all of our shapes and sizes as differences that we can’t overcome forgetting that really, the only animal we have to worry about is the wolf who feeds on us when we don’t unite and protect ourselves.

Photo by Trinity Kubassek on Pexels.com

We are what we know as much as we are what we don’t know. And therefore, those that control the information flow, control the narrative of how history happened and how history we view it today.

I will share three specific examples of how our world views are being manipulated by those with the power to write history. Otherwise known as the wealthy.

Rule #1, and I assume this, of the billionaire club is to keep the bottom 80% fighting about irrelevant problems so that they are too angry and too busy to look at the top.

One way that they have done this is through our “Judeo Christian Foundations in America.” And post 9-11, Muslims have been seen as evil and historically against us when in fact, the first nation to recognize the United States as a free and sovereign nation out from under British rule was the Islamic Kingdom of Morocco. 

Just imagine how differently 9-11 and the events that unfolded after could have been reported if Muslims had been shown as our allies rather than our foes. Because in fact that is true. We rely on diplomacy and goods from many Muslim nations yet we are bred to believe our values trump theirs. That is a complete fabrication.

Why? Partly because the $650 billion dollars that is given to Israel is used to promote this narrative making Muslims the enemy and tying the fates of Christianity and Judaism together. What a crock? It’s false logic and a false narrative built by those educating others as to what they know and what they don’t know.

For example, did you know that post WW2, Jews were offered three locations to establish the nation state of Israel. One sparsely populated location in the US and the other in Africa. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist to understand that the location of modern day Israel was the worst possible option. It is literally the most heavily fought over piece of land in human history. Yet, they refused other locations. 

How convenient is it then that Palestine is a Muslim state and therefore has been taugth to be our enemy? It is by design.

At home, the best examples of this are the Crips and the Bloods. They are literally the Coke and Pepsi of gangs but don’t seem to understand that Pepsi and Coke only pretend to fight. Imagine if all gangs, mostly young poor men and women of color stopped shooting themselves and instead took the fight upward.

Again, we are what we are taught as much as what we are not taught.

Almost all of us, globally, all 8 billion of us have personal, sexual, gender, race, religious, political, medical issues. But really the only one that is important and needs to be changed is the financial one.

Those with wealth enjoy, like we enjoy Marvel and MMA, watching those beneath them duke it out over inane issues that should have zero weight. But here we are. In a world in which our Echo Chambers of self-identity dictate much of what we do, we fight each other because of our differences when in truth, the majority of us are poor sheep that the rich wolves monitor to make sure we do not unite.

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