God is. People Do.

person riding kayak

It was always a matter of time before I tackled the big question. I do not think that because this is my truth that it is your truth. I could be right or wrong. My faith is mine. 

person riding kayak
Photo by Aleksey Kuprikov on Pexels.com

Some thoughts on the grandest topic of them all – God. Whether or not you believe in God is of no concern of mine. That you can accept that God does exist for others is and that if you do believe in God, maybe your interpretation could be off.

  • God is good. God is not evil. God is forgiving and caring, but wants us to figure it out on our own using instructions or guidelines and principles.
  • God exists. God is like gravity. It exists for some somewhere because those who believe have manifested God like an artist manifesting a painting, an inventor manifesting an invention or a group of people working together to carry a piano up four flights of stairs. God is a power greater than ourselves.
  • God is. People do. God may be the inspiration for the painting, but the work itself is done by the people.
  • God does not act. God is. Inaction is a trait of people. If something is broken, it needs to be fixed. Fixing is an action therefore a role of people.
  • God is all and everywhere. Our interpretations or connections with God can be different. Like a big building, there are different entry points all leading to the center or God. Many get lost along the way. It is a big building.
  • God is Love. If your life is driven by Love, God is present.
  • God does not act. Action is done by people. People who do harm to others are acting. God is not present. God is only present when love is present. Acting that does harm in the name of Love is not Love. It is harm. God therefore, is not present.
  • Religions are pathways or doors to introduce us to God. It is up to the individual to build and nurture their relationship with God.
  • Religion is made by man. Making is an action. Therefore, it is not made by God. God is love. Religions are competitive. Love is not.
  • Faith is your relationship and bond and understanding and acceptance of God. 
  • God is. God does not do.
  • Those who believe they are doing God’s work are mistaken. God does not do. God does not work. God does not speak. God does not tell. God is. 

My relationship with God has developed over time. My life now is filled with gratitude, love, faith, kindness and hope. I believe that the now is perfect like a canvas with a sketch. It has yet to be made into a painting. We are not in the final moments of time when the painting will be shown.

What I see is many people using their religion as a crux. God is not a tool or a thing. God just is. Man wants God to be a tool because then man can wield God because man can act. 

But that is not what God is. God is Love if definition is needed. Love for All. Not for some. Actions of man who harm some for self, are actions of man. God does not do. Those who think they are doing God’s work are mistaken. God does not work. Man works. Work is an invention of man. All actions are man’s choice. No stroke is brushed by God. God does not do. God is.


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