Contradictory Crew of Change Now

life is now neon signage

Change is evolution. If you are against those who change, it stands to reason that you are against evolution. Changing in the Now is the way to improve the future. Those that do it regularly and publically are most often those the most criticized for it. Again, if you are criticizing those who are changing, you are fighting evolution.

life is now neon signage
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I have been working on Gratitude, self-love and living in the Now lately. I have been ebbing and flowing with these principles in my life for 30+ years ever since I was introduced to The Power of Now and Leaves of Grass. If you don’t know these two works, they are useful especially for the empathetic.

At the end of the day, I think we sometimes need to be reminded or remember that we are in this game as an individual player and in some respects, need to look out for ourselves. It’s not being selfish. It means being healthy. If we are not helping ourselves, we can’t expect that we can help others.

In some ways it’s why I have not chimed in to the AOC debate. She has her dream job. Her doing has landed her in a wonderful position. One in which she can help others. But she cannot help others at all if she loses the position. So, like all of us, she is forced to compromise a little bit of this for hopefully a whole lot of that. But so many dox her for not doing enough. She’s doing the best she can in the Now to build a better future tomorrow by taking care of herself today.

The Power of Now teaches us that all we have is the NOW and it rings true. It and other texts also teach us that the NOW is perfect because it is where we are. We cannot change the NOW. We can only act now to change the future. I am not sure if enough people understand this simple yet true principle. The seeds of change can be planted Now, but they may not take root and sprout for some time.

In Leaves of Grass we are taught self-love and self-deprecating humor in its highest form. Walt Whitman loves himself as he is yet is open to change. Irony also has it that sometimes change happens so quickly that it causes contradictions. His response is perfect and to paraphrase he says, “So what? I contradict myself. Life is a contradiction. At least I am happy with myself while I do it.” 

Stop hating on people for changing. Changing suggests personal introspection and growth. Proud Socialist is a good example. He is wrung through the ringer for having changed his political beliefs as he has obtained more information. Those who are bothered by this are bothered by learning.

Too often we expect kids to pick a path by 18 and stay on that path through retirement. For those who follow that road, contradictions or self-analysis that may lead to change is a precipice that many are afraid of but those that jump towards change are rarely disappointed internally with the rewards.

On Twitter some asked, “Have you ever left a job to start anew with no plan?” 

My answer, “Of course. Isn’t that what makes life fun? Jumping off the cliff and hoping that your parachute works or that there is water or a trampoline on the other side of the cloud cover. That’s the fun part.”

We have one life to live. My advice, and the words that I have lived by for most of my life, is No Guts, No Glory, Go For It and Life Unfolds as it Should. (the now is perfect)

What’s the worst-case scenario? Being Unhappy and dissatisfied with your life? Well, if you already are, all change can bring a different point of view or path to get on. 

We need more happy, healthy people uniting to work together to build a better future. So if you are using the echo chambers of Social Media as a platform to spew sadness and depression then the future you are working towards will still be sad and depressing. Best to shift your mindset to manifesting and believing that the future is bright. What’s the worst-case scenario? A few more smiles a week and a few more belly laughs. It’s a fair price to pay.

Live in the Now; it is perfect. Love yourself; you are perfect as you are in the Now. Work on changing the future for you and for all by first learning and then wielding the tools of Hope, Faith and Gratitude. 

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