Our Hate vs Their Hate

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Hate breeds hate. If we want to end hate, we need to learn how NOT hate no matter the reason. The alternative is allowing hate to win. So the question becomes ‘How do we develop a society in which more find joy and love despite our differences’?

people women internet writing
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When I first started Observations From the Spectrum, I did so to put forth a voice or opinion that seemed to be either missing or silent. Sometimes the message resonated with the reader and other times it did not. This is okay.

What was not okay was that the primary message and belief that I hold true was diluted. Like all of us, I lost focus on what I was trying to achieve. Again, like I have stated many times, I apologize for getting off track. I’ll try to stay focused and have it happen less in the future.

The primary message of OFTS is unity and hope springs eternal. Simply, life goes on. And it is somewhat up to us, what we make of our lives. How we act, interact and how we choose to spend our time.

My parents raised me not to hate so much so that they rarely uttered the word. This resonated with me and followed me into the classroom. When I would have a student use the word ‘Hate”, we examine why and almost all of the time, would find that either the hate was based in fear of an unknown or ignorance.

Ignorance is easy to identify and dissect. Ignorant people define themselves in opposition to the other. Their opinion is based in sand. The smart or wiley ones can support their claims through one or two levels of examination, but eventually are found out as frauds. They ‘Hate’ because it is easier to hate than to change.

Which brings us to the second group of ‘Haters.’ Those who fear the unknown. Those whose lives are based in the would’ve, could’ve and should’ves that freezes us from moving. They are just as toxic. Their ‘Hate’ is based in blame which gives the power to the entity or person they are blaming. Oops.

So this brings me to the difference between the Left and the Right. The Right doesn’t want to change. It is easier to continue their hate than reflect on their actions and see that some of their foundational choices do more harm than good. They are also in the position of power. They have no real reason to change. Change usually stems out of need. They simply have no reason to.

The Left, however, also has a foundation that is built with ‘Hate.’ It’s why we cannot unite. We find every reason under the sun to not like each other and therefore never unify to move towards action. Our inaction is based on external forces that lead, even the Leftest Leftist, to blame someone else as to why there is more harm being done than good.

It’s true, more harm is being done than good. The answer is simple. Those doing the harm have no reason to change because those who should be applying force to them are bickering amongst themselves.

Most issues in America would be solved pretty quickly if two pieces of legislation were passed: socialized medicine and universal basic income. The latter would mean that more fellow citizens could pursue their idea of happiness and the prior would mean that there would be resources to those who are struggling.

It seems to me that no one loses if UBI and M4A become policy with the exception of insurance companies and a few dollars on Wall Street. The pay off would be immeasurable. Imagine how much more creative America would be if Mental Health Care was not a luxury item and that diabetics and HIV patients never had to worry about access to meds or care. America would be great.

What is stopping us is clear; it is ‘Hate’ between the Left and the Right and sadly, between the Left and the Left. It would make us stop fighting each other, put aside our differences in order to find the middle ground where possible.

Change takes time but it need not take forever.


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