Slaves of Capitalism Die on Mars

Civilizations are built on the backs of slaves. In the near distant future, slaves will be used again to build a new civilization on Mars. Are you willing to be a slave and die for the descendants of the rich? I am not.

Let me paint the picture I see for you. Some may see it as a conspiracy theory; I see it as a plausible truth.

In the not so distant future, a new frontier will open, Mars. And for that frontier to become a civilization and place of commerce, an expendable workforce will be needed. One that is controlled and owned. In other words, Mars will be built on the backs of slaves like America was built on the backs of Africans.

Any economist or businessperson will tell you that the largest cost is always payroll, especially when pensions and healthcare are tied to employment. That’s an undisputed fact. So what will be the process to create an expandable workforce on Mars.

Simple really, enslave the modern day worker. What does that mean? A slave is someone who has no power over the direction of their lives, whether connected to life and death, health, daily work and ownership of their bodies. 

Today, we see in real time, the working class being enslaved. When groups or unions are not allowed to be formed, the worker becomes a slave. They no longer have freedom over themselves.  They will be punished if they do not work and stop the system. Friends, that is slavery. That is being owned by our lawmakers and those who influence them.

Slavery is as old as man. In ancient times, slaves were spoils and the result of war. In modern day, slaves are the result of a capitalist system that views workers’ lives as expendable. Meaning, if you die, the system doesn’t care.  

Proof is that it took a year before the flags were lowered to half mast for those fellow American Citizens who have died during the pandemic. If we were deemed important or valuable, our senators and governors would have fought that fight early on.

Slavery in America has been sold as an issue concerning race. The remnants of slavery are, but at the core, slavery is just capitalism’s way of creating a free, expendable workforce in which the worker has no rights or control over anything. Their bodies. Their health. Their wages. Their future.

At the end of the day, the future of our lives is in our hands. If we Unite despite our differences, for a living wage, healthcare and higher education, we may be able to shift the tides.  

But as I see it, teachers being forced back into the classroom during a pandemic and coal workers having their right to strike revoked are clearly the first steps and warning shots to us that we are on the path to reinvent slavery and the working class and poor will be the slaves regardless of color, creed or religion. It’s time to unite and Take Back the Freedoms Granted to US in the Constitution.


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