Upside Down Heroes

grayscale photo of person holding a gun

Worshipping those who hurt others to succeed only desensitizes us to them when it is our turn making us slaves. Celebriteism and idealizing politicians and the billionaire needs to end or we will become modern day economic slaves with zero rights unless we can unite as a people to keep our freedom.

grayscale photo of person holding a gun
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I grew up in the 80s and 90s. One of the big debates on the table was whether or not violence in video games and movies desensitize us to it. I don’t think there was a clear answer, and given how prevalent violence in the media is, the floodgates are certainly open.

Fast forward to now, and many can clearly see that problems in the fabric of American Society exist.  I think we, American Citizens, were duped in a game of three card monty. While conservatives and liberals argued whether violence in the media had long-term effects, millions were invested into using Violence in the Media(VITM) as propaganda.

Here me out before you file my idea as a conspiracy theory.  Three of my favorite films growing up were Point Break, Natural Born Killers and Heat.  Ironically, they all had heroic villains and flawed heroes. I think this was the monty. VITM was used as a tool to get us to empathize with the villain or criminal or slave owner or rich.

In our everyday life, we walk or drive or view someone suffering or struggling and do nothing because they are poor. But we spend 100s of hours of our lives giving empathy to those above us on the economic ladder.  This is a problem that needs mending.

I have more in common with the Syrian refugee men who push hand made carts around the city live searching the garbage for anything of remote value than I do Tiger Woods after he crashed his SUV.  Yet I am forced to think about his plight and struggle as being more important. This is by design. We care more about the celebrity divorce and financial problems of billionaires than we do our neighbors.

Heroes are people that do the right thing, regardless. Most through history, I would assume, go unnoticed.  They are not remarkable. They are just good and want to help, no matter the condition.  

Villains are those who have the power to help and do nothing.  Over the pandemic it has been clear just how many of them sit in high seats overlooking those in need, yet we give them wide berth and the benefit of the doubt no matter their action.  We would prefer to blame the homeless child for being dirty and homeless than the rich politician who does nothing to help.

I guess when it comes down to push and shove; I think the VITM monty worked.  We give more empathy to those who fleece us than those who are cold and hungry.  The propaganda worked.  We now believe the villain is the one who should be given our attention and empathy when their lives go wrong.

I think we need to collectively wake up. Bodie, Neil and Mickey and Mallory were murderers who did nothing but live lives of personal pleasure looking out for no one outside their immediate circle.  In theory, this might look idyllic and seem cool, but it is not how a healthy nation succeeds or how a real community is built.

If we do not learn to solve problems despite our differences and end celebrity and politician worship, we will be enslaved by those in which we are giving our power and freedom to daily.  Understand and accept the role that VITM has played in all of our lives.  It has warped our thinking about the truth, but truth rarely comes in degrees.


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