The Blinding Echo Chamber

Words of caution and concern. If we don’t learn how to work with each other despite our differences, those with power will continue to exploit us and our inability to unite. The time is now for #M4A, #UBI and #GND. If not now, probably never. Both parties are on the back foot.

Race horses are forced to wear blinders by their keepers so that they can’t see what is happening around them. I would argue that we Americans are race horses and our keepers are social media, Wall Street and the Federal Government. These entities want to keep us in our own echo chambers, believing our personal truths are indeed collective facts.  This way, all can continue to gain power and wealth.

Each of us lives in a myriad of echo chambers, and this warps our view of the world.  We are easily connected with all other members of the same echo chamber and are led and allowed to believe that our personal truths or collective points of view hold more weight than they actually do.

My echo chambers consist of, depending on which social media site I am on or account I am accessing, air-cooled VW drivers, ultra runners and fitness freaks, vegetarians and vegans, supporters of socialized healthcare, travelers and expats, only children, writers, coaches, and dog and Jack Russell Terrier lovers.  

Let me put it this way.  No advertisements that pop up on my feeds are trying to sell me a suit, a briefcase or a fancy car.  The echo chamber social media blinders work to only sell me what I am interested in and connect me with those with similar interests.  This is a problem.

Because we spend so much time funneled towards and around others with the same personal facts and collective opinions, we think our marginalized group or voice has more weight than it does.  Truth is, unless you are a member of the marginalized group, it’s on the peripheral of others’ vision at best.

But more often than not, when we meet or interact with those of groups we are not members of, we are met with resentment and told that we are dumb because we do not align 100%. My question becomes this, “How we can align with something that we haven’t lived through?” My answer is simple.  I don’t think we can.  I think the best-case scenario is offering empathy and compassion to others living a different life, because until you know, you don’t know.

A classroom is like a small society.  A teacher is the leader and within a 30 person classroom there are statistically 3 LGBTQ+, 5 with learning disabilities, 2 with physical disabilities, 2 racists, 3 conservatives, a rainbow of color, a cityscape of heights and inequality in wealth distribution.  That’s almost every class worldwide.

Yet teachers teach and students learn despite their differences or the echo chambers they are members of. It’s only when we go out into the real world that our differences stop us from collectively moving forward.

We will not move forward and those that need the most help, will continue to suffer unless we unite in the only echo chamber that matters which is the Echo Chamber of Wealth Distribution and Social Welfare.  Until then, we will fight amongst ourselves believing that our fight is the fight worth fighting, and not unify to fight for ALL. 


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