Absolute Roads are Dead Ends

dead end road sign

At some point we need to accept, whether or not we like it, that there are other drivers on the same road as us deciding which direction to go. We will never get along with all people in a community, but a community can decide together which road to travel despite their differences.

dead end road sign
Photo by Dustin Tray on Pexels.com

America has a problem, and it’s in how we have been taught to view the world, including each other.  We are also at a crossroads in which three different roads are available to us, and our direct choices will dictate which road we go down.

Before I explain the three roads, let me be clear that I think only one should be traveled.  Unfortunately, many seem to think the road leading up to and forward from the crossroads or fork, only exists for them.  That is not the case.

If you are a leftist who thinks ALL on the right are racists, your thinking is mistaken.  That is the equivalent of thinking all Muslims are jihadists.  They are not.  Truth, I have lived in Muslim countries for ten years and have yet to meet a jihadist, but many of my friends are Muslim, including my partner.

So it’s a fallacy to think that ALL of the Right are not worth working or fighting alongside for change.  Imagine this, all of the Poor on the Right and all of the Poor on the Left have bent the Political spectrum or line down, and now sit across from each other at the same table with the rich centrists of both sides looking down on us.  That’s how I view it.

Are there racists on the Right? Yes, and bigots and misogynists and crazies.  That is clear.  There are also crazies and those who prefer a violent end on the Left because of their hate of the racist factions on the right.  That is clear too.

What makes NOW such a challenge is that extreme measures and solutions are needed.  The planet is sick.  Many are poor, hungry and homeless.  And most Americans fear their medical bills more than their diagnosis.  That needs to change.

The problem is that the extremists on both sides believe the violence and hate are the answer.  The likelihood of that road winning and overturning the Federal Government at any level is a pipe dream, as we saw with the PB&Q attempted Coup on Washington.  They made it through the door but then had no plan.

Again, we are clearly at a crossroads in which there are three different roads to choose.

  1. The Status Quo – slowly poor America will be enslaved by rich America
  1. Violent Revolution –  there will be blood of both friend and foe on the streets
  1. Peaceful Revolution – Poor and Middle Class America unite against the Federal Government across the political table demanding a new minimum for America.

Violence begets violence. Trading one violent authoritarian regime for another does very little for those in need who do the work for the change and lose the most.  So I will finish with this. It is time for Americans to learn from other nations that have actuated change at a national federal level.  The people of these nations have learned how to put their differences aside for the greeter good and needs of ALL Citizens of their nation.  This is the best road with the clearest and most achievable with change for ALL.


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