2021: Not the Finish-line but the Beginning of Lap 2

image of old building on american banknote

I am tired and on edge going into Lap 2 of the Covid Pandemic and what will be known as the 2020s. Hope can easily be found in numbers. Indian farmers just proved it. United, they stopped legislation by uniting under for a common cause. What is standing between America and Americans from doing the same?

image of old building on american banknote
Photo by Karolina Grabowska on Pexels.com

As we put 2020 to bed and wake up to 2021, I am not sure if I want to go back to sleep or get out of bed.  Even though January is cold, it usually is a time for hope and action.  This year, though, it feels less like a new start or beginning, and more like the second lap of a double marathon.  One that I clearly have not trained or prepared for.

Last year was a challenge brought on mostly by the side effects of the Covid Pandemic.  My business failed.  My collaborations were put on the shelf.  The only thing that seemed to be moving was my bank account, from enough to get by to less and less.  But I remained resilient and hopeful that 2021 would bring change for the better.

Instead, it started with a bang.  Not only did Trump not concede the presidency to Biden, he showed just how selfish he is by staging a coup.  Only problem with Trump staging a coup is that his knowledge of the Constitution mirrors his knowledge apparently of a coup.  

So instead of sending his followers in with a clear plan, they made it to the Atrium of the Capitol only to find themselves not sure what to do next similar to his presidency.  Problem was that those dumb enough to storm the Capitol were the same people in charge of winging it as to what to do next.

One climbed through a window into a barricaded hallway with three armed men pointing their guns at the window.  Another smoked a joint under the Capitol dome.  A few took selfies.  The productive ones in the lot stole a lectern and gavel, smiling for the cameras as they went.  And a few took the storming of the Capitol as an opportunity to live out their fantasies of being an Ewok from Star Wars.

I will give to PB&Q for making it into the heavily fortified building.  But their long-term plan lacked substance or an attainable outcome.

So here’s to 2021.  Certainly starting off down a bumpy road while drawing clear attention to the fact that there is a problem.

The United States of America is anything but.  It has become and has been fostered to become a nation of individuals standing resolutely against each other as opposed to united and with each other.  If we stay on this path , there is only one outcome, and that is the enslavement of the poor and working class of which I belong.  I would prefer a different path.

Setting a plan and coming together to enact it directly despite some of our differences is the solution which those on the sidelines watching of which there are many, do not want.  It is Reality TV to the max and could be named aptly The Fall of America or taking the United out of America for the New State.

I don’t particularly care for TV, especially when I know that most shows are scripted.  We are living through hard times.  2021 feels like running a second marathon after completing my first as a personal best.  The only hope for it to get better is to unite as teams to make it to the finish line or the end of lap 2 whichever the case may be.  

I am tired and my hopeful meter is on empty, but maybe enough people will see that the King of Winging It was not the best person for the job in a country for a people that like clear direction and attainable goals.  Here’s to a better 2021 in which we get closer or achieve basic human rights for all in America which include medical care for all, universal basic income, free higher education and job training, reparations and prison reform which keeps white-collar criminals locked up longer than those just trying to survive.


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