Was Andy Warhol a Fool?

lamp in room with contrast wall

Long gone are the days of benefactors and the renaissance. Universal Basic Income and Medical Care for All would make all American Citizens the primary benfactors of a rebirth of Arts and Humanities. If not, capitalism and reruns of Marvel and DC Comics win.

lamp in room with contrast wall
Photo by Вахтбович Максим on Pexels.com

When we look back to this time from the future, we will uncover the sad truth that capitalism killed art and free thinking.  No longer can a child dream of being a painter, actor, writer, sculptor or philosopher unless they are also planning how to sell their wares.

Universal Basic Income and Medical Care for All would be the remedy to this problem.  It would make a career in the humanities a viable path for more than just the rich who only paint and capture one side of life, theirs.

Imagine that a painter could paint and work a side gig or two but not have to worry about the what ifs of life which happen to us all and how he or she will make ends meet if they dont sell a painting.  

Imagine, instead of us patronizing another DC Comic or Marvel film, locally owned and operated playhouses and theaters littered the many Main Streets of America again and the owners were able to showcase plays and films of their choice and in some cases, of their creations.  

And imagine that a thinker could spend their time thinking about how to solve real world problems without worrying about the bottom line and who lives on Wall Street.

Both UBI and M4A would put us on this path.  Allowing all American citizens to pursue happiness.  That is a Constitutional right as well as speech and the right to bear arms.

Capitalism works for some, but it does not work for all.  I think it is time we work together so that more can pursue paths of life that do not revolve solely around the dollar and profits.  It makes a more equitable society and the benefits would be in color.

American Citizens would be using their tax dollars to fund as benefactors a new artistic Golden Age and Renaissance.  One in which sculptors can sculpt, painters paint and philosophers philosophize.  

That is why UBI and M4A are needed.  To bring back careers in the Arts and Humanities to America that are not dependent on the bottom line.  In many ways, Andy Warhol was a fool and we are paying the price.  He made art about profit, not about capturing a moment in time.


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