To Think They Could Be Heroes

bicycle crankset

As the poor starve and the middle class stands either stands against them or in front of their mirrors, those who can help are not. Today’s billionaires, celebrities and politicians could be heroes of modern day history but prefer the labels of those who maintained the Status Quo.

bicycle crankset
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I think most people are aware that things are off and that Covid-19 and 2020 were a turning point in a different direction.  What most people are scared of is that the beyond the horizon is not visible.  Not many can see what is on the other side of this.

This certainly goes for the poor.  They are getting poorer by the day.  Their struggle is real and continuous and unrelenting.  What is hard to watch is that those could solve the problem or at least offer immediate solutions to hunger and homelessness are not.

Billionaires have the means to not just solve the problem, but go down in history as modern day heroes, but instead they chose the life of a Pharaoh probably encrypting their wealth so that when they die, they can take it with them.  

I don’t understand this quiet selfishness, and I understand less, celebrities.  Their celebritism exists because of their fan’s ability to buy tickets, the products they are influencing, their music and merchandise that they are hawking.  But instead, for a year, they have offered very little given how much of a collective voice they own.

And then the politicians.  What a disgrace of lives.  A group of people who can’t put their differences aside to provide the people the help they need during a pandemic while making a mockery out of the Constitution.  Their job is to protect American citizens.  They have ALL failed, not just the big guy.

All three of these groups survive and have their wealth and power because of the common man.  Yet when we need them to help, they support industry giants and their own kind first.

It’s probably why the Proud Boys exist.  They can see that disobeying their masters gets them nothing, so they have decided to be loyal to them like dogs to their owners.  The Proud Boys are hoping that by protecting the Billionaire class and Capitalist system they will be given the table scraps and a bed by the fire.

As per the middle class, combining the Centrists of both parties, they will do just about anything to return to the status quo.  They are like Mollie from Animal Farm,, carrying mostly about their outer appearance and how others see them.

In the end, we all die.  It’s the in between that matters.  Now would be a good time to see that all of us are afraid of doing something for fear that we will lose what we have.  My question then is then is what we have really that good, or are we settling for mediocrity when we could have better?

Doing good is good.  Those who can, could, and again, unless I am missing something, could go down as legends and heroes for all mankind.  It’s weird that they instead choose silence or incremental changes that do and will not save their fellow starving Americans.  That’s the sad part that one citizen is willing to let others die.


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