The Bull Behind Wall Street

Bullies seem to be running the show. Now is as good of a time as any to unite and stand up to then so that we can heal and move on as a United Nation.

Bullies seem to be running the show and those who have been bullied are finding situations in which they too can be a bully.

A few years ago I worked at a school in Morocco. It was a tough country and a tough place for the good kids. The culture and system supported the bullies especially since the bullies controlled the show.

The irony of it was that the two worst bullies liked me so they wouldn’t act out around me. But they would, the moment I turned the corner even if there was another teacher present.

The families of the boys were rival Hash dealers. And when I say Hash dealer, I do not mean on the corner or in the Bodega. I mean two of the world’s biggest suppliers of hash. Teaching a boy from a family like that is difficult. They know their path and it’s not 20 years of school and a PhD. It’s a life of getting anything they want when they want it.

I remember catching wind of a fight after school and heading to stop it. It was with one of the boys and a newer student to the school. When I went to stop it, I was told by the new boy that if he didn’t go get his butt kicked, the bullying wouldn’t stop. I said OK and hopped on my motorcycle and went home.

It turned out fine for the boy. He stood up to the bullies and was respected for it.

Hey America. It might be time to identify the bullies and then stand up to them.

Let me tell you who the bullies are not first. They are not cashiers or grocery clerks or first responders like nurses and EMTs who are asking you to mask up. They are not teachers or librarians or who are asking you to be quiet while others study.

They are those who have a need to flaunt their guns in the faces of those who could care less. They are the drivers of the cars that block the EV pumps for no other reason than to be a dick. They are the leaders who get US to fight amongst ourselves over either arbitrary or agreed upon ideas like that the world is round and the sky is blue.

As a teacher all I can say is that a working classroom tries to meet the needs of all kids in the classroom and not bend to the will of the bully.

In the 1980s we celebrated Back to the Future. The story of how the underdog wins against the bully. Here we are. We just elected Build Back Better Biden. Seems like a good time for us to rewrite the mistakes of those his administration caused and make sure the world knows that we know that Trump and his Proud Boys are nothing more than bullies who succeed only when they have a viable audience.

Ignore PBJ and let’s unite against the biggest bully there has ever been, the Bull behind Wall Street.

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