Weapons: Is there a line?

black rifle

Some things are designed only with one intended purpose. Even brandishing that thing can be the cause for action. I would rather self regulate and find a peaceful path than stay on track for a violent one.

black rifle
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Dear Fellow Americans,

A line separates one thing from another.  Small to big.  Legal to illegal.  Safe to unsafe.  There are literally thousands of lines that help to maintain civility and order.  

In one such case, I believe the line needs to be redrawn to reflect how the rest of the world and how many Americans view the issue.  Weapons that are legal for civilians to own. In other words, AR-15s should be like Formula 1 cars, only allowed in the hands of professionals and not used on Main Street.

NATO, for example, exists to maintain this line among nations.  And America uses its weight to help persuade our allies which nations are allowed to have nuclear weapons and which aren’t.  I think we need this macrocosm to be reflected in the microcosm of America.

I can argue either way, but, truth be told, I am more a pacifist than anything.  I don’t think many answers lie in violence.  It does not make me against violence, I would just prefer it not to be the path.  But who am i?  Just a citizen offering a perspective voice on a hot topic issue.

The constitution is clear.  Citizens of America have the right to bear arms.  I am not against weapons.  I am, in 2020, against Americans owning close to military grade weapons designed for one purpose and one purpose one, and that is to kill other humans.  That goes against that fabric of humanity, religion and nationhood.  WE may go to war, but a healthy nation does not want to go to war with itself.

Which brings me to our choices as a nation.  We can have a violent revolution in which Americans and America will never be the same.  We will kill each other and each other’s families, and in time, there will be a victor.

The military will be called in to intervene and they will take a side.  The side they take will win.  There is no debate.  The US Military has the upper hand in combat against any aggressor on the planet.  To think that one side or the other will win against the US Military is the equivalent of me winning the lottery without playing.

Hollywood and those that control it have spent millions of dollars wiring our brains to think that we are the A-Team and can beat Uncle Sam if need be.  I can’t.  You can’t.  We can’t.  We can revolt peacefully and win, but violently, it’s no name vs Goliath.  WE are way past the time of David.

Now, the problem is the line of what Amerians are allowed to own.  The McCloskeys got lucky.  Very lucky.  They won the lottery without playing.  Mr. McCloskey especially.  He crossed the line from protecting his home and family to provoking his opposition.  When he stepped outside, it was the equivalent of Russia moving a legion of troops or missiles closer to the Alaskan border. 

I am not in the US Military. A huge thanks to all who have served. I do know that there was a line written in stone during the cold war that both sides walked right up to, but never crossed.

A citizen brandishing a weapon designed only to kill crosses that line.  It’s not ambiguous.  The citizen holding the semi-automatic weapon has intent to kill and should be treated as such.   They have crossed the line.  The tool in their hand leaves no grey area.

But, if you think it does, that’s okay.  Then, as I said above, there is a second path.  All Americans should be armed to the teeth with any weapon that they can get their hands on including bazookas, grenades and gatling guns.  Why?  Because, if a weapon designed only to kill others is legal, why not just go wild?

It’s clear that we, All Americans, focus so much on our differences that we have a desire and need for weapons to kill each other.   That should not be the case, but that is where we are.  At a tipping point of a very bumpy road.

Be well and think about are Semi-automatic weapons worth killing each other for.  


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