Proud Boys Create Violent Men

Violence begets violence. That is a historical fact. Boys having violent tantrums do not make them men. The effect caused by a group like Proud Boys is not what is expected. The Proud Boys are creating a shoot now ask later society for ALL.

I think there is this idea that nationalism at all cost is a powerful thing.  I do not agree, and I don’t think anyone who considers themselves an adult does.  It’s why I find the Proud boys to be such an ugly group at its core.

The proud men and women of the Armed Services play an important role in any nation and many of them leave as boys and girls and return as men and women.  Why?  Because they were able to put their differences aside and work under a common flag with a common goal. Simply to protect those at home who were yet to be of age, unable to or unwilling to help.

The Proud boys are different.  They are adolescent minded adults who are only willing to protect their image of their nation, not others.  They are adults having a tantrum because others have a different point of view or direction that they want themselves or the nation to go.  

It’s why the Proud boys polarize behind Trump.  He’s the biggest Proud boy of them all.  He gets what he wants when he wants it, and when he cheats or he makes a mistake, he is not held accountable like the rest of us. 

Those who are proud of their nation or family, are proud of all the members or citizens, not just the ones that they agree with.  A Proud boy is nothing more than a whiny child who is pushing society towards a mighty path.  Some would call it Anarchy, but that is the effect that is caused by extreme homogenized nationalism.

It’s what happened in Russia.  Oligarchs rule it and they do so by using violent might.  It’s what the Proud boys want.  They want a society in which the person with the Fastest gun rules.  They may be dumb enough to think its’s the biggest gun that rules, but that is a lie.  

Where we are headed is towards a society in which the person who attacks first wins.  There will be no middle ground, no diplomacy, just violence begetting violence.  A gun in face pull the trigger future in which the quickest to identify and eliminate a threat will run supreme.

This is not the future I would prefer.  I imagine it is also into the future that those who have seen what war in the streets look like, want.  But groups like the Proud boys exist and they exist because boys are not asked to grow up to be men and solve problems without violent tantrums.  While they tantrum on, I suggest we get ready.  The future will be Fast upon us.


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