Broken Pillars Working Elsewhere

Civilization was built with pillars that stop men and women reverting to animals and a world where might is right. For a better future, it is time to cast aside our differences, focus on what unites us, and not take NO for an answer when it comes to human needs.

Hope is the idea that in time things will work out for the best.  In the end, we will never know because we are just a moment in time.  A second in the Earth’s history.  So I think it is becoming harder to buy into the answer-all of hope.

In time, the medical industry will do more for the people.

In time, corporations will stop polluting the earth.

In time, money will not be the end all be all.

I agree.  In time, humanity will go the way of the dinosaur.  That’s science.  If you don’t believe in science, you can still agree.  In time, God will set the rapture upon us and we will all be judged.  Some will go to heaven and others to hell.  Either way, we will all die and go back to being dust.

In my opinion, it is time to worry more about the immediate future and put aside the mission to Mars that will either bring our survival or our demise.

Indian farmers, 250,000,000, agree.  They see that new legislation being passed will harm their immediate and long-term futures by benefiting Corporate Food.  What I am impressed by is the fact that they have united.  India is a tribal nation and has 100s of dialects yet, when needed, they were able to unite as a collective group to protest unjust and unfair laws.

Indians have literally crossed their ethnic, cultural and linguistic differences to unite against their leaders.  This is a task of monumental proportions if you know even a fraction of the history of India.  Their population is so big because Indians have so many children in the fair chance that they will war with their neighbors over conflicts that were started centuries ago.

Yet they have put their differences aside and gone to the streets to have the opportunity to war family to family and finally end the long-term feuds in which the reason to feud is long forgotten.

But in America we have found even the most dedicated to a harmonious future for all, Bob Dylan, has been bought out and paid for.  Capitalism rules supreme and everyone, even the most dedicated detractors of the system, has a price.  If not, they are raked across the coals, killed off or silenced so that America can continue its facade.

I have lived and traveled to many places across the globe, and one commonality that I have found is that other nationalities are united as nations before they choose their place on the political spectrum.  It means that, in most cases, citizens of the same nation can communicate effectively with each other despite being on different sides of the political divide.

The future is not bleak.  We allow it to be painted bleak.  America was built on an Abrahamic value system in which being neighborly, helping others and loving each other were foundational pillars.  History and power have cracked the pillars.  It is up to us, including our differences, to decide the best course of action in fixing the system for the immediate now.


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