Lance Armstrong KOs Mike Tyson


Cheaters are writing the rules while winning the game. If we can’t redirect this pattern and stop Baird Men from ruling, then we will find ourselves in chains as Slavery Innovated.

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Mike Tyson just fought Roy Jones, and it ended with a draw.  It did not end with an ear in the mouth.  When society is forced to believe that as A is the only good grade, those who find themselves in the throes of failure, take desperate measures as did Tyson when he fought Evander Holyfield.

Tyson, in that moment, became one of sports most well-known cheats.  He did so because he found himself failing and without the answer much like a student in a classroom taking an exam.  Many, if given the opportunity, will cheat by copying a neighbor’s answer especially when they know they know it and just can’t recall it.   In the real world, we call this a crime of necessity or passion.  It is born in the moment; it is not planned.

What is so interesting about Mike Tyson, and his story, is that he has gone from rags to riches to rags to riches based on real life consequences, personal choices and change.  I have enjoyed watching Mike Tyson develop as a man.  He is someone, who now, I would dig meeting and sharing a vegan dinner together.

However, he is not America’s most famous cheat.  That title goes to Lance Armstrong.  But the difference is startling when you examine their crimes closer.  Tyson bit an ear because he was failing in real time.  Armstrong premeditated, enacted and built an international doping and drug smuggling ring.  It was a calculated move with no real life changing consequences.

In the Baird School, Armstrong would be the equivalent of George Willis, Jr.  The character in Scent of a Woman who gets away with the crime unpunished.  Any normal person who gets caught ordering, carrying or distributing illegal drugs does time.  Not Armstrong, he gets to live his life without change and consequence.  He has gone on record saying he would do the same thing over to win.  He would cheat.

Somehow we have created a culture that celebrates the uncaught or unpunished cheaters and criminals and devalued fairplay, honesty and kindness.  It’s been happening since the late 80s and early 90s.  It’s been the slow rise of the career criminal and we have accepted them at the helms of our ship.  

I don’t know about you, but me, I would expect from a leader or teacher to stick with their troops or class when the going gets tough.  Not to go on vacation.  That is for sure.  But that is what has happened.  We are in unprecedented waters and Congress is on holiday.  Never has there been a global pandemic and a need for a global production, transportation and implementation of a vaccine to 7.8 billion people.  I could be wrong, but I imagine that takes planning.

Our leaders have no care if we live or die.  We are pawns.  We are expendable.  If we die, we will be replaced in our jobs and the world will move on without us.  Human value is based on money.  No longer are we all priceless.  There is clearly a price.  I think it’s time for us to force the system to raise the value or remove the system that is in place.  I don’t like living in a world in which the liars, cheaters and villains are the ones writing and governing the game.


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