Honesty Doesn’t Build Empires

unrecognizable trendy woman lying on street bench near wall with inscription on autumn day

Stop blaming the honest person for their failures. They tried to play the game by the rules versus those who cheat, swindle and change the rules as they play.

unrecognizable trendy woman lying on street bench near wall with inscription on autumn day
Photo by Анна Галашева on Pexels.com

We lie.  It is what we do.  We have been doing it since the dawn of time yet we are taught not to lie.  Maybe that is the grift – the trick – the sham.  And maybe those in the know exploit this.  People like Donald Trump, Lance Armstrong and Hillary Clinton.  

While we are over here listening, learning and choosing not to lie, they are lying to achieve success.  Morality is passed down generationally through society, religion and family.  Most of us have been taught that fibs and white lies are okay but bigger lies are bad.  

What would happen if we accepted evil as evil and a lie as a lie?  Got rid of degrees and breeds.  Called dogs dog, jeans jeans, sneakers sneakers?  Not Labradors and Poodles, Levi’s and the Gap or Nike and Adidas.

What would we be left with and what would we do?  In my opinion success would be easier to achieve.  We would be able to write the rules of the game as we play much like Lance Armstrong did with cycling, Tanya Harding tried to do with figure skating, Amy Cooper applied while dog walking, Hillary Clinton employed in politics and Donald Trump has built a life.  Examples of those who couldn’t succeed with fair play.

There are two types of lies.  One, lying to yourself.  The other, lying to others.  Those who achieve notoriety, like those mentioned above, succeed by blending the two and building a life based in lies.  They have no real foundation.  It is moveable and malleable to whatever the situation entails.

Take Trump.  He is probably the best liar in modern history.  He was able to sell himself and be bought as a politician of the highest order with ZERO experience.  He is not versed or interested in the Constitution which is the foundation of American politics.

I hand it to Lance Armstrong.  He is a cheat but at least he can ride a bike and change a flat.  He had the prerequisite knowledge of the field he grifted and cheated, and did so with mastery and flair.  So did Hillary.  She was able to sell herself as qualified based on her marriage vows and relationship to Bill.  She may have been experienced enough to be President but she lacked the wherewithal to be Secretary of State and Senator of NY.  

Unlike us, these liars have built empires based on their ability to play the part and remember the false truths they are selling to the public. 

Trump is of a different order.  It is why, as a liar, I find him so interesting.  Trump, unlike Hillary and Lance, is not trying to hide his foundational lie.  That his career was based on who he married like Hillary or his success was based on fairplay and not doping and cheating like Lance.  No, he clearly accepts the fact that he cheats, dopes and that his name is what made him.

Trump does not weave a web of lies that can be unravelled.  No. He lives only in the now.  If you asked him what his favorite color is?  It could change day to day.  He has no interest in remembering the web like most others which makes him so transparent when you look closely.

Trump’s life is a lie.  He is a billionaire by birth who keeps losing his money.  He is poor at business, marries the call girls that dont laugh at him, thinks he has good hair and big hands.  Yet, many buy into his bullshit.

It’s because we lie.  We all do.  Some just accept it more as part of life and those who do, like conservative thinking.  It is easier to manage and organize the lies.  It has less moving parts.  Money, faith, guns, power at all costs.  Bush showed us the way.  Trump paved it with gold.

The liberals lie is different.  Educate the masses equally.  Save the environment.  Heal the sick.  Feed the poor.  Shelter the homeless.  All are lies.  They are not attainable goals.  Lies and power get in the way.

So here is my advice.  Start lying.  Honesty gets you barely to the table.  Lying gets you a permanent seat.  Say only what you think others want to hear.  Own it like you believe it.  Life doors will open and as long as you never reflect and look back, who cares?  Honesty doesn’t build empires.


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