How the Givers Lost Civility

Without balance and direction the givers of us get lost along the path to the horizon. It is up to all humanity to cast aside our differences and reconnect in order to understand the destination of a connected humanity.

I do not live by the premise that I am right and therefore you are wrong.  Instead, I believe that there are many paths leading to the same destination.  I do, however, believe if you are someone who thinks on the binary lines of I am right and therefore you are wrong, you are adding obstacles in the way of those looking for a solution. 

2020 has clearly illustrated that globally there are problems that need fixing.  These problems will destroy society if we do not work collectively at fixing them. Now, again, I don’t need to be right.  I just need to be listened to and understood without my voice being cast aside. 

A few weeks ago I came up with the concept that in the end game, capitalism breeds selfishness and socialism breeds community.  As a recent earthquake survivor, I see this as true. The capitalists raise rents and the price of needed commodities while the socialists search for the missing and provide food, clothing, shelter and medicine to those in need.

After all, we are living in a time in which there are two groups of humans, the givers and the takers.  The takers are easy to identify.  They are those that succeed at all costs.  Prime examples are celebrities and politicians.  They get to their position of power, in most cases, by taking support and help from those in society that give without ever thinking about giving back in return.

I believe these two groups have been around since the beginning.  I also believe that the powers or intellects or philosophers of the past could see this clearly and could see that in the end, capitalism is a snake that eats itself.  This is a truism.  Capitalism exists through growth.  Without growth, it eats itself and fails.

So these intellects created the solution which is simple, religion.  Religion was designed as the stop gap safety measure between the givers and the takers so that the takers did not grow too powerful. 

To be clear, religion is different from faith.  Faith is about God and love and leading a spiritual life in the now so that when you cross over to whatever is next, the transition is easier.  Call it the moral compass if you like.  Anyone who lives with love in their heart is making the now a better place.

The modern day problem is religion.  Religions have become part of the takers instead of the bridge between.  They preach that their path is the only path and that others are wrong.  Anyone who buys into this type of indoctrinated thinking has been manipulated and branded to believe one product of equal measure is better than another product of equal measure.  To simplify, if you think Christianity is better than Islam or Judaism is better than Buddhism, you have been deceived.

All religions have one purpose, to provide humanity with a blueprint of how to live civilly amongst each other, and how to bridge and keep in check the violent nature of the taker from destroying the giver.  Until we wake up to the fact that humanity is one, and we are all in this together, the world will only be a safe and happy place for those wanting to dominate others, the takers.

I am not one of them. I am a giver. I do not believe that my value is any more or less than your value.  I believe that your path, if it is true and thought out and not just blind following, can be different from mine while still arriving at the same destination. In others words, we are equals heading to the same location.

Takers do not believe in equality. They take their cues from the animal kingdom. The strongest most fearsome lion rules, not the lion that provides food for all. The problem is through branded binary thinking we have lost balance. Too many think I am right and therefore you are wrong.

Remember, civility is what we do in a civilized world.  A civilized world is one that is relatively fair in the Now.  When the Now changes to unfair, civility is what is lost, and it is replaced with chaos, violence, anger, resentment and rage by those who truly just want to be heard, understood and do good, the givers.


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