The New Normal

Writing this blog made it clear to me that our moral compass is out of whack. Murder is wrong no matter how it is defined and all lives have value, not just those with wealth.

Most people agree that all we have is the now.  That translates to normal being what is current.  I moved twice in my life to a new location in which I was told winter was mild.  After three winters in each freezing my butt off, I stopped listening to those who would say that the winter weather was abnormal.  They become unreliable narrators.

Unreliable narrators or voices in our lives usually thrive on the status quo or things remaining the same.  From religion to education to politics, remaining the same translates to the same power structure and future that the power structure is trying to build.

Look back at the fathers of two of the world’s biggest religions for clear examples of this.  Jesus was to Judaism what the Prophet Muhammed was to Christianity.  A voice in the masses that was being heard and changing the normal.  Jesus birthed Christianity and the Ptphet Muhamed birthed Islam.  They clearly could feel, understand and see that at the moment change was needed.  That Normal could be redefined.

Covid 2020 has left that opening for the world to see.  Whether or not a solitary voice of change emerges is yet to be seen.  But I will tell you this, the world landscape is different today than it was a year ago.  And there will be no return back to the good old days, because that is what they are, the past.

In 2021 and moving forward we will begin to hear regularly and globally people reminiscing about the time before Covid like a high school or college athlete remembers the days when they still played the game.

The disparity between rich and poor is clear.  It always has been.  But this is the first time in modern history, since we emerged from the Dark Ages, that the poor are publicly viewed as expendable and valueless.  That is a concern.  That goes against all foundations of humanity with the exception of the caste system in India which pre-covid came under fire for just that.

All life is valuable.  All.  Not just human life.  All.  But in the end, humans allow themselves to cause the end of life to All.  We, as a species, think we are above All life and enjoy playing God.  A lion hunts a zebra because it has to.  A virus kills its host because that’s what viruses do.  Humans kill because we choose to, yet all religions and principles of humanity saying killing for no reason is wrong and we label it as murder.

Murder is a simple concept.  It is when someone plans and then takes the life of someone else who had no interest in dying.  It is not defined by killing someone using a knife or a gun.  In the 1980s and still in some nations, it is defined as spreading a communicable deadly disease like HIV.  Murder is not connected to duration just the end action of death.

So, here we are.  Covid 2020.  A new normal in which the poor are being murdered by the governments that are in place to protect the people they govern with noticeable exceptions like New Zealand and China to name two. Why?  We have lost our way.  Covid stopped the wheel from moving, and that movement was generating enough revenue for billions of people to survive.

The Wheel has stopped.  It is no longer generating revenue.  The New Normal, unless there is intervention, will be a landscape filled with the buried dead of those who were murdered using the tools of apathy and inaction.   The choices of our leaders are directly leading to the deaths of those they have sworn to protect for one end, money and power for themselves.


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