Home is Where the Heart IS – X2

Spend your time doing more of what you love with those that you do love. You never know what is on the horizon. Better to have a healthy heart getting there.

They say home is where the heart is, and I agree.  But I think it has two meanings, and one is easy to forget.

The first meaning is simple.  Home is where the people and things you love live.  Family.  Pets.  Furniture.  Cars.  Heirlooms.  Our homes are a clear representation of who we are and what we love.  Homes are designed to be comfortable and to make us happy to be there.  Welcome home.

The second meaning is literal.  Home is where your HEART is.  Our hearts are our engines.  Without a well-working heart, we won’t go anywhere.  It’s the sources that powers us.  Without it, we die.

Like a car engine, a heart needs maintenance.  Here are some tools to use around your home to have a healthy heart.


  1. Sitting for long periods of time – get off the couch 
  2. Stare at a screen for too long  – turn off the screen
  3. Snack to snack
  4. Watch to Watch


  1. Breathe more – focus on yourself and take five deep breaths
  2. Couch time can be productive – knit, make jewelry, shell nuts, write, read a book
  3. Set up a safe floor space with a mat or rug – stretch, breathe, meditate, yoga
  4. Set snack times and choose healthy whole foods like grapes instead of chips
  5. Move – anytime you sit for 30+ minutes, get up and move – dance a jig, walk around the house, do five jumping jacks or pushups, get blood flowing to the heart
  6. Have real face time for an hour before bed – turn off your screens – whatever social media blitz was going on, it will be there in the morning
  7. Learn an instrument – I play ukulele and the penny whistle
  8. Learn a language
  9. Pet your pet

Modern day is designed to be comfortable.  Couches and chairs are designed for us to fall into and slumber the after work day away in suspended animation.  Not asleep, not really awake.  It’s a habit that is hard to break but not impossible.

No matter whom you turn to for health tips, two are on everyone’s lists, breathing and moving.  Take time each day to do both.  Cut out sugar, limit alcohol, TV and screen time and you will either find more time for you and to share with your loved ones.  

Remember – Home is where the heart is – what in your home do you love?  Who and what you spend time with is limited.  I try to make sure I give my attention to things and people I love not products and people who I don’t.


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