Evolution VS Faith VS Resist

yellow dead end sign during day time

If someone asked you to go against your faith or yourself? Which would you choose? Either path leads nowhere.

yellow dead end sign during day time
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

When we reach a certain age, for some it is very young and for others, it happens later in life. We hit a crossroad.  We are all given a choice of paths to take in life.  One path is the path of change, innovation and evolution, and the other is that of acceptance, faith, following and tradition.  Neither path is better than the other. It’s a personal choice that has been influenced by our environment.  

All of us have certain characteristics woven within us from those who governed us when we were children.  Up until a certain age, we were ducklings following the leaders like our parents, guardians, teachers and churches. All molded who we are.  That is not debatable.  We know this to be true.

If we have a fence, we have one group being the followers.  They are those that live life through the lens of faith. They accept the foundational premise that leaders do good while looking at a bigger picture.  Sacrifice is something that this group is willing to do. Soldiers, police, firefighters, congregations all have these traits.  They have accepted that there is a boss or leader, have faith in the title leader no matter who fills the role, will follow the leader and do what they are told and do this because it is how generations have succeeded.

This is an observation that is evident in society.  Down the other path are those who don’t buy into following the leader or faith.  They accept it as part of life.  But not as a certainty.  They believe the systems are inherently wrong, but can be adapted and changed to meet the evolving needs of society.  Clear example of this is anyone who supports Medicare for All, Green New Deal and Universal Basic Income.

Society has changed and leadership needs to change to meet the needs of the modern day.  Like the Catholic Church is being too rigid in its thinking when it comes to a married clergy.  If the leadership, Pope and Cardinals, accepted the modern day, many of its woes would dissolve.  Priests again would be viewed again as a profession of faith as opposed to a hideout for pedophiles.

In 2020 we are being given a third path.  It’s a cul-de-sac.  It’s a dead end.  It’s framed with the concept of resisting.  No matter what path you have been wired to take, the only route that makes it to the horizon is the other fork.  

Resist change, innovation and evolution?  Or does it mean resist faith, following and tradition?  No matter which group you belong to, the third path is asking you to resist yourself.  That’s my line.  I understand who I am.  I will not cross that line.

The problem is that the two foundational groups need to learn how to communicate effectively with each other to meet each other’s needs.  Neither one is right, neither one is wrong. It’s a choice based on your life path. But looking to the future and choosing a dead end is a fool’s errand.  It’s wasting a precious resource to solve the communication problem, which is time.

It’s time for those who think Resist is a path to the future to head down a path that goes to the horizon.


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