Hacked Private GOP Memo

battle black blur board game

This letter was hacked and given to me by a good friend of the person behind the curtain. Do with it what you will.

battle black blur board game
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Dear Stakeholders,

Even in the darkest of times, there can be light.  Now remember, mums the word.  This does not leak out to the press.  This is for our eyes only.

Donald delivered.  He stole $7,000,000,000.00 tax dollars and distributed most of it to us.  He has succeeded where others have failed.  He moved our party exactly where we want it while pulling the Democrats farther right.  In time, we will own the nation and then can go back to the way it should be.  Us ruling with a heavy hand. 

There is a problem.  Many of our faithful lieutenants, who would die or kill for us, have pledged their support for Joe.  Good news is we have Joe in our pocket.  He has been a faithful ally for 40 years.  His party has not.  

More and more Americans are waking up to the notion that policy changes like Green New Deal, Medical Care for All and Universal Basic Income are human rights.  This is a dangerous path for us.  Men like MLKjr, Malcolm X and the Kennedy boys arrived at the same conclusion and were handled by a swift hand.

So we need to prepare for action for the return of slavery and our rightful thrones.  

I spoke to Donald, and like a cunning fox, he provided the solution.  The Dems are running a simple campaign with a simple slogan, “I am not Trump.”  That’s all they have.  It is only skin deep and we are preparing to change the skin.

In the coming days, Trump will regretfully bow out of the election and we are deciding now between Pence or another candidate to replace him.   Our lieutenants will pledge their support for our candidate and the GOP and order will be restored.  We will then be back on track with our master plan. 

Joe can retire a hero for being the man who battled the evil Trump, and Donald can take his rightful place back at the table in the shadows with us.

I just wanted you to be reassured that what you are seeing plastered across the news is by our design.  We are still in control and well on our path to making it absolute.


The Wizard of OZ 


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