You Want Pizza, I Want Pasta

Kids are known for fighting amongst themselves.  It’s normal behavior.  One wants pizza, the other pasta and WWIII ensues.  Parents do their best to solve the problem, and in most cases a solution can be found, a compromise or middle ground to keep the family moving forward.

What would happen if the parents caused the problem and did not offer solutions?  Then, at a macroscopic level, you would have bipartisan politics.  The parents or elite can see a bigger picture.  That’s the very nature of power.  Leaders have the whole picture, not just the part they want us to see.

The elite, today, and this has been the case throughout history, survive by keeping the kids fighting amongst themselves.  If we fight amongst ourselves, we will not direct our angst at them.  So they do everything in their power, which is backed by the economy, education, military, to keep us fighting the semantic bipartisan battles as though they are WWIII.

They are well aware of the outcome if we wake up and will spend billions to keep us fractured.  The outcome is simple.  When the working class, proletariat, majority of citizens unite against the elite, heads roll.  This has been the case throughout history.

Every white family who owned slaves knows that if the tide turns, they will hang.  Just like the politicians who have supported insurance and the billionaire class will be headless if the workers, who live to paycheck to paycheck and are borderline homeless, unite. It’s a fact.  History will repeat itself.

BUt they are so good at surviving and getting the working – middle class to their bidding that they don’t have to worry.  And when someone gets close to setting the wake up alarm, that person is silenced in one way or another: MLKjr., Malcolm X, Tupac, JFK, RFK, Gandhi, Sanders and more.  All were stopped at the end zone from scoring the winning touchdown.

The problem, to me, is clear as day.  The solution is clear as well, just not the tool.  It feels as though the tool was stolen.  It is missing.  We are staring at a door that we know we need to open, but we do not have the key.

Until we accept that the parents are causing the fight between us, we will not be able to open the door.  For us kids, the fight now is what is important.  The fight between vegan vs omnivore, car driver vs cyclist, gay vs stroght, male vs female, white vs black, christian vs muslim.   

If we cannot relearn and see these issues for what they are, a way for our parents or elite to control us, we might as well put our blinders on, and find like-minded people to enjoy life with.  Because until the middle, working proletariat unite, the elite will remain in power and keep the rest of us fractured and fighting amongst ourselves over semantic debates.


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