Who is the Star of Rocky?

Accepting that we are the star of our lives can be a challenge to overcome. We have already been cast. It’s up to us if it’s the story we want to create.

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I love the Rocky movies.  They embody what it means to be human.  Try and fail.  Try again.  Fail again.  Succeed.  Fail. Try again.  Succeed again.  As a viewer, we know who will win, yet we watch in suspense and feel Rocky’s successes and failures as they happen.

Why?  He’s an easy character to feel empathy towards.  He’s not that smart or that talented of an athlete, but he’s got something in him that lets him get hit and get back up.  If only life were so easy.

Maybe it is. They say art is a reflection of life. Maybe it’s our fear to be an artist and create our own lives out of the world’s canvas that presents the underlying problem.  As I have said before, no one who has ever succeeded has done so without trying.  So action is our first step.  

Like an artist standing in front of a blank canvas, we get to choose what it looks like and if we get into a flow, some of those choices happen organically.  As we put more of our energy into the canvas, the canvas accepts the energy and provides us a way or path to the beauty that we are looking to create.

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But more often than not, those that I have met who are not living their dream life or working diligently to get there, see themselves as a fan of Rocky as opposed to Rocky himself.

What I mean by this is simple.  You are the star of your life.  You are not a spectator.  Huh? Right?  Cool idea.  I agree.  I learned it once, and it stuck.  I am the star of my life.  My successes are mine, my failures are mine and my favorite part, the journey is mine.

It takes time to get here.  To fully accept yourself as the star of your life.  It’s yours.  Own it.  Your life is not starring your mom or dad or a partner. It’s certainly not starring a job, sickness or money.  The star of your life is you.  It’s time to claim ownership and put your name on the Marquis.


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