Democrats and the Ironman Origin Story

Sometimes when hate for our enemy consumes us, we become that in which we hate.

File:DSC09903 - Tony Start and Ironman (37033362076).jpg - Wikimedia Commons
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The Democrats can be represented by Tony Stark pre Iron Man.  When his company was succeeding and billions were being made on the backs and suffering of the weak around him.  He was not a hero. He was a modern day villain who was part of the crime.

The Democrats want to stand on their reputation, not on their results.  They want the names of leaders like MLKjr, Malcom X, JFK, Carter, Sanders and others to be connected to the modern say party.  It is a lie.

The Democrats have moved so far left that they have become the conservative right.  The GOP remains the same.  They are not trying to attract new voters.  They have a product that they feel will, without change, still succeed similar to a steakhouse or rib joint.  They acknowledge the vegans and vegetarians but don’t want them as customers.  It’s an honest point of view.

On the Fascist side, yep I said it, are the Democrats pushing a product and an agenda that many of their potential customers or voting base simply don’t want.  That  is the definition of fascism.  Rulers forcing citizens to do things their way.  It’s not democratic, kind or fair. 

Millions of American citizens want a Green New Deal because we see the harm being done to the planet, Medicare for All because insurance is not a citizen right but health is, and a Universal Basic Income to help stave off the harm that has occured due to a global pandemic.  Simple solution for a complicated problem.  These are the top tier needs of All citizens and right below are two more, legalize marijuana and prison reform.

Politics should not be viewed through the same lens as a football match or spelling bee.  The job of a politician is quite simple.  Govern citizens with fair and just laws that do not take away their civil liberties.  If you do so, there will be hell to pay or a revolution.

What do you know?  We are in the beginning of a revolution in which those that are being blamed for the revolution are the same citizens in which the system was unfair and unjust to.  Huh.  Makes sense to me.

UBI, GND, and M4A are rights.  The fact that both parties have not delivered these three items to the citizens they govern during a pandemic demonstrates their collective inability to do their job.  It’s not the fault of Trump.  It’s the direct fault, if balme needs to be given, on the leaders and system itself. 

Sanders was the easy way.  His campaign was a band-aid.  It was holding together the cut until election day.  When he dropped out, the band-aid was ripped off of the wound.  Neither party or candidate has a clue as to how to disinfect and suture the wound.  All are inept at their jobs.  Voting for either is a vote or ineptitude.


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