A Custom Tailor or the Gap

Those that have succeeded in life have all taken the first step towards their dreams. It is up to you whether you take yours.

life coach
photo courtesy of https://pixabay.com/users/geralt-9301/

Success has never been awarded to someone who doesn’t try.  The basis of all success, big or small, is action.  Granted success is sometimes handed to the lucky and least prepared.  But no matter all who have ever won have started by taking their first step.

I think we know this intrinsically.  It’s evident in the animal kingdom, humanity and biology.  All of us who are physically able learn how to walk and talk.  We do so by taking our first awkward steps and mumbling our first words.   Maybe this is out of necessity for love or food, but even so, as babies we are all doers.

So what happens?  Why do some soar to the stars and reach their dreams while others of us struggle in the day to day never really getting past home plate on our road to our dreams?  My best guess is becoming complacent and making assumptions.  

Once we get past the baby phase of life and we learn how to get all of our needs met, many of us put our dreams on the coat hanger of life.  An outfit that we like but we are not ready to wear yet so we stick it in the closet to wear on another day like a tailored tuxedo or gown.  We begin to go through life shopping and wearing only garments off of the shelf.

The successful wear the tailored clothes day in and day out like thermals or underoos.  They don’t spend much time fitting into the world as much as they allow the world to bend and encompass them.

But we assume the successful got lucky.  Maybe a little, but that doesn’t mean we are unlucky.  More often than not, I meet people who define themselves either in opposition to others or as second string lifers.  People who line up at a race and never think they can win.  People who find one comfortable outfit and wear it day in and day out never revisiting the tailored tuxedo or gown in the closet.

Life gets in the way of life.  Sickness, joblessness, addiction, pandemics, wars and poverty certainly slow our stride a bit, but these problems don’t need to make us rigid and statuesque.

Mind you, I have never really been rigid or stuck in my thinking.  I have lived the best version of life that I could imagine and afford.  I have had some successes and some failures.  But I have always known that my life is mine and that I do my best for my loved ones when I am myself meeting my needs and working towards my dreams.


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