Demoncrats and the Bus or Ferry

Change does not come easy and we must remember that because one person drives to work, it does not mean the person who walks is wrong. Both just need to arrive on time.

Nature never deceives us; it is we who deceive ourselves. - Jean-Jacques Rousseau

Feudalism and Authoritarianism seem like a good idea until they are not.  Pretty much all you need to do is cross your Ts, dot your Is and stay in the good favor of the lord or ruler.  

Effective bosses are like this too.  There are really only two types.  One, this is how it’s done and this is how I want it done or two. The facilitator that helps a team arrive at a consensus and then directs here and there to help achieve the primary goal of the team.

Between the two lurks a third type of boss.  They are the friend boss.  The boss that asks for your input and then disregards it because they already had the way they wanted the task done in mind, and just wanted you to arrive at the same destination.

This type of boss scared me.  Let’s look through the lens of transportation.  To get from the suburbs to any urban center, there are multiple modes of travel available to us.  We can drive our cars, be driven in taxis and busses, in some places take a ferry, others a train, the able can ride a bike or run and the wealthy can helicopter in.  

The solution to the problem remains the same.  All still arrive at the urban center just by different means of transportation.   One group of bosses might require you to take a service bus or drive your own personal vehicle while the other group will just say I want you at work on time.  Getting there is up to.

Government and politics are the same.  The theories surrounding the government are based on two ends.  Do what you are told or arrive at the given destination by any means possible to be told how to get here?  In essence, do you want to be a voice in government or just told what to do?

The GOP represents the latter.  Republicans want an authoritarian form of government.  They want to be told what to do and how to do it.  It’s why Trump followers, Christians, military, business owners and many white collar citizens vote GOP.  These voters expect a return on their vote or investment.  By falling in line and supporting the ‘majority’, they expect a piece of the pie equal to the effort that they insert.

The Left is different.  They want the freedom to get to where they are going by any means possible.  Not wanting to be told how to get there, just told what there looks like.   They are community based and want the consensus of the people to dictate the rule.  A mixture of Democracy and Socialism.  People vote to implement the rulers and then follow the rules.  

Centrists are the scary leaders.  These are the bosses that ask for input and then tell the employee they are wrong unless the opinion matches theirs.  Example: Biden, Trump or Hawkins?  There is only one answer.  This group I don’t know how to interact with.  I find them to be evil beyond reproach.  

Authoritarianism is easy.  The leaders make the rules.  The citizens follow the rules.  The opposite is more difficult but is stemmed in the Golden Rule.  I don’t want to be punched in the face so I won’t punch you in the face.  Cause and effect.

Socialism and Democracy are linked.  We were Ameriwashed during the Cold War to think differently.  Socialism is bad.  Democracy is good.  It’s how a nation maintains nationalism.  Our system is good so their system is bad.

The only bad out there is men coming together planning to impose their will on others.  That’s what we need to rectify and change or accept as our form of government.  Either we accept the Corporate Oligarchy for what it is and how it controls our lives and live within its rule or we vote and use our voice to give the fair leader a platform.

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For me, that time is now.  I live in an Authoritarian nation and it’s easy enough.  Stay in the good favor of the boss. Simple enough.  My nation, though, is trying to continue with the ICK.  It’s gross.  Pop the zit or leave it but don’t leave the puss on your face.  

The Democrats are the friend boss.  They want you to arrive at the same destination by the same means of travel and are unwilling to compromise even though the bus and the ferry arrive at the same destination.  They want you to sell out your ethics for the system.  They are the greater of two evil in many ways.

In 2020 I would recommend thinking about your vote.  Who you vote for is up to you but each choice has a different outcome.  I prefer having a voice and the freedom to express it especially when it goes against mistakes or inactions that the bosses and leaders have made.

I will leave you with this.  2020 is a hard year globally.  Life goes on.  Today, America is a duopoly run by an Authoritarian regime and an Elitist one.  The solution for the citizens to continue on the path of civil liberties and freedom during the Pandemic were simple to see:  Medicare for All, Universal Basic Income, Rent and Mortgage Moratorium, and keeping the lid closed until a vaccine became available.  Wait out the storm.


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