OZ vs. WWIII and an Environmental Catastrophe

what's on the horizon

Sixto Rodriguez – Sugarman – was the voice of the youth to end apartheid. His lyrics are timeless and easy to understand. Today, we may want to add him to our playlist.

Sixto Rodriguez: I Wonder, Wonder i do. | Music book, Quotes, Music lyrics
I Wonder by Sixto Rodriguez

I started my blog because I needed to feel heard.  It was hurting me to view a nation and a world in which those who have the ability to do most to help others, simply don’t.  They are the rich and powerful.  Those that learned the economic social game early, won, gained power and have spent their lives keeping it letting in few new members.  

Some call them the rich and powerful.  Others the Illuminati.  I think in metaphors, so I call them Ozs and puppeteers.  Those behind the scenes whose only purposes are to keep power for themselves and for their heirs.

This is an elite group.  They may take in one or two new members a year, if that.  New members are people like the Clintons, Obamas, Zuckerbergs, Bloomberg, Bezos and Gates.  Old members are generational with surnames like Kennedy, Rothchild and Rockerfeller.  In many ways, the lords of the manor.  

Look globally, sheiks, kings,, word leaders and those who privately are members of the billionaire class.  Imagine the owners of homes in places like Lake Cuomo, Biaritz or other exclusive places. Most of us don’t hang out in these circles, therefore our issues, debates and topics of conversation are different.

We discuss things like politics, technology, sports and cars.  We debate who to vote for Biden or Trump.  We discuss which operating system is better and which new phone model to buy.  We research and buy cars based on our personal preferences and environmental impact.  

This is not what they discuss. They couldn’t care less.  They are the power.  They play both sides, therefore winning either way.  That is the problem.

Now, I want you to imagine you are in their shoes. You are in the ultimate private chat room and one member brings to the table a few ideas.

They tell you that all predictors point to a grand shift of power over the course of the next decade, probably in the form of a world war and an inhabitable planet.  This would mean that your heirs no longer get to live the life of Oz.  What would you do?

Me, I would devise a plan for Oz to survive into the next millennium.  Those who learned the game early on have been in power for millenium.  I would look to their history which only a select few are entrusted with the truth.

Two big problems on the horizon: WWIII and an Environmental Catastrophe.  As a member of Oz, I would know this and would offer the following solution that would kill two birds with one stone.

Both problems stem from overpopulation.  I would understand that my power is dependent on the natives, lower class and poor being calm, not restless and doing what we have trained them to do, argue the semantic debate.

I would go to the table behind the curtain and suggest that the solution to keeping power would be a virus that kills many, sterilizes more and that the global population is afraid of.  I would create Covid.  

I would ask the scientific team behind the curtain to make it look natural.  I would say I want you to find a virus in nature that sterilizes many who are infected and kills some too.  Their job would be to find the missing link.  What creature stepping stones would the virus need to take in order to jump to humans making it look as close to a natural catastrophe as possible.

That’s my view of the writing on the wall.  THere has never been a time in which the Ozes have cared about the poor as anything more than a means to their end.  Part of being Oz comes at the price of harm  to humanity. They care about themselves first, other members second and anyone note their equal, they care not at all. 

 Of course this is fiction and a conspiracy theory.  Is it plausible?  Yes.  True.  We don’t know but it makes sense.  I would ask you to answer the question yourself. If you could see imminent danger on the horizon for you and your heirs, what would you do especially if you had unlimited resources?


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