Vote Green for McDs

What they fear is the loss of profits and power. A Green vote does both. It lessons the stronghold of both parties and gives power back to the people.

McDonald’s didn’t start serving salads until customers wanting healthier options hit their market shares.  The Chevy Spark was not built to save the environment but to meet the wants of consumers who wanted to buy an environmentally friendly car.  And Coke did not start selling vitamin water because suddenly they were interested in the nutritional value of what beverages their customers were drinking.  All of these changes were a direct response to meet the changing needs of their customers.

In November, that same opportunity will be available to us as voters.  Contrary to what most think, a vote for the Green party is not a vote for Trump or a vote against Biden.  A vote for the Green party is a vote against bipartisan politics and for the changes that voters of the future want to see as policy.

It is sad that Bernie will not be our president. He deserved the title shot but what he gave us was a new product.  Policy.  He clearly stated policies that need to be implemented as law for America.  The policies include Medicare for All, school loan forgiveness and prison reform.  Sadly, those policies will not be law come January one.

Yet there is still some hope.  A vote to get the Green party on the national stage with federal funding is a vote for a healthier menu and a less polluting car.  If the Green party gets federal funding, bipartisan politics will be the victim.  Both parties as they stand will be dead in the water or will have to adapt and change to meet the needs of the new voters of the new future.

So no, the Green party will not win the 2020 election and Howie Hawkins will not be president.  But a Green vote says that you stand behind the policy and changes that Bernie believes in and it will give the movement legitimacy as well as, it will send a clear shot against both national parties as they stand.

Medicare for All, a Green New Deal, prison reform, the legalization of marijuana and much more are rights and policy changes that we need now.  Voting to end bipartisan politics is a clear vote to support this.

If Biden wins, nothing fundamentally changes.  His words, not mine.  If Trump wins, nothing fundamentally changes, just the crazy reality TV show we tune in to daily.  Neither are the savior of the people and the nation.  That is up to us.

So if you want the GOP and DNC to change their menus, help build their competition.  Who knows?  One party might just fade away.  So think about a Green vote to support the environment and those that will inherit and be charged with taking care of it in the future.  A Green vote will provide negotiating power for them and they can use it to force systemic policy changes.


2 responses to “Vote Green for McDs”

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