America’s Broken GPS

We started together United on an adventure and now we are individuals lost with no way home unless we reunite and pool our resources. If not, we perish.

Markers help is to find our way

When you run alone on a new route in the mountains, sometimes you get lost.  That’s life.  But with a compass, a little know how, a lost runner can make it home.  Proof is that I am here to tell the tale.

Today, there are all sorts of GPS tools and devices to make getting lost really nothing more than a few swipes and clicks until we have resumed our course.   A modern day tool making a modern problem easier.  I wish we had a GPS device for our nation.  I can clearly see we have no idea where we are. Nationally and collectively we are lost.

Back in the day before GPS and smartphones, you tried to return to your last known location. It may have been a specific turn or rock or view or tree, and try to regain your bearings from there.  

The other rule, unfortunately, when lost with a group is to not separate and go in different directions.  This makes it so much more difficult for the search party if and when it is called.  Instead of searching for one thing, they have searched for many.

Modern day America is like a group of lost hikers who have all stubbornly refused to work together to find their way.  If the group was willing to work together, finding the route again would be easy.  Simply go back to 1979 before Reagan and start anew.

Finding our way can be a challenge when we can’t see the sky

Since Reagan and trickle down economics, the system has worked marvelously for those in the group who accept and work within the system.  Unfortunately, there are two polarized groups that have succeeded and one does not see the other.

On one side of success you have the bootstrappers. These are the men and women who worked diligently their whole lives to provide for their families.  They deserve the wealth and prosperity they earned.  People like Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner.  They have worked hard for what they have.

On the other side you have the corrupt.  People like Epstein, Armstrong, Simpson, Clinton and more.  Men and women who have succeeded not by diligence, but by manipulation and stepping on any person they can to get to the top.

Those with the power understand this dynamic.  They understand that a bootstrapper will vote party over policy.  Will vote person over principle. Bootstrappers believe the world and man is innately good.

We can though.  It’s as clear as day.  Since 1979 power and money has trickled up to those who want more of it at all costs.  People like Biden and Trump. Both being serial liars and serial winners within a corrupt system.

A vote for either is a vote to remain lost.  I don’t like the feeling of being lost.  I feel too afloat and out of tune with my surroundings.  I don’t know about you, but I can see that we have separated as Americans. Many of us understand that we are lost, we are just walking aimlessly in different directions trying to find our way.

Maybe we are too late as a nation, but 2020 has taught me not to hold on too tight to what we imagine is stable and concrete.  It is a year of change and uncertainty.  I believe it can also be the year we get back on track.


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