USPS: Don’t Drink the Kool-aid

The magicians are playing a trick. While our focus is on one the USPS, they are playing the long game.

A smile many times can be a mask or a trick.

Defining yourself by the opposition without getting to know and understanding the opposition is a dangerous fool hardy game that many Americans are now playing.  The dismantling of the USPS has another agenda and I bet, in the backrooms of DC where people like Biden lurk, a deal was made.  Freedom in exchange for playing the villain.

Donald Trump cares only for three things: himself, money, women.  He wants to get back to a place where he has enough time to spend money on women to pleasure himself.  He is a simple man.  He could care less about the USPS.

So why is he dismantling the USPS?  It’s a political gambit or trick.  He made a deal.  After Nov 2020 or 2024, there will be another big Democrat show led by Pelosi and Schumacher that will uncover all sorts of nastiness about Trump.  He will be tarred and feathered and the whipping boy of late night talk show hosts like Colbert and Noah for sometime. 

The DNC will make a big show of it and in the end Trump will go back to making money, sleeping with women other than his wife and pleasuring himself. That’s who he is, and that’s who society has allowed him to be for the majority of his life with the exception of his time as president.  

Trump will go down in the record books for the dismantling of USPS.  It may even state that election fraud was the reason.  It is not the case.  The power behind the scenes in the backroom are to blame.  They see that down the line their employee costs will be too high of a payout in the form of retirement and medical care.  

The storm only matters to those at sea.

Think about how many postal workers will now enter the civilian sector with no more than a pat on the back.  They will be like us, without employer based medical care and a retirement plan.  It’s about the money and those who control it, not wanting to spend it on those that provide it.

After the USPS goes dark, the privatization of National Parks will be next while the privatization of education continues.  This is all a ruse to make more money for the insurance companies and hedge funders who are running the show.

But your love or hate of Trump and Biden will continue to blind you.  You will see my words as whack and crazy, and you will continue to blame those on the other side of the fence for the problems of you and the nation. 

I will tell you it is not healthy to define yourself in opposition of others.  Many times we become what we are against.  Any rebellious teen knows this.  They hate their parents until they become one themselves.  Then they understand the jig.

It’s time for ALL Americans to stop defining ourselves by our differences and start looking for the thread that unites us or we will all go down together.  The ship is taking on water, the bilge pumps are not working and many are refusing to bail out the ship.  There were only enough lifeboats for the billionaires and the ruling class.  That is not US.


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